Season 70

Dead Reckoning

By Eric Chappell
22 - 27 January, 2018


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A gripping psychological thriller, DEAD RECKONING sees a renowned artist finding himself caught up in a maze of chilling mind games and deceit. When the mysterious Mr Todd arrives at painter Tony Reedís house, Tony is forced to face the past that still haunts him and make a decision that he has only ever fantasised about. This decision leads Reed and his second wife Megan into a terrifying nightmare from which there seems no escape. Who exactly is Mr Todd? Just how far is Tony Reed prepared to go? And who really did kill his adored first wife . . . ?


Tony Reed
Megan Reed

Director's Notes

Well, Happy New Year to you all and welcome to the first play of this new year, the fourth in the 70th Season of BLT.

Dead Reckoning' is the first psychological thriller written by Eric Chappell, it was first performed in September 2010 in Westcliffe-on-Sea.

Set in a modern day London Town house, owned by the painter/artist Tony Reid and his second wife Megan. As the play opens we find that the somewhat mysterious Mr Todd has arrived to see Tony and to make him an offer that Tony finds hard to refuse.

From that point Tony and Megan are forced to undergo a terrifying nightmare from which it seems no escape is possible.

One of the great pleasures of Directing is being surrounded by a talented group of people whose every aim is to ensure that a play goes on with the maximum attention to detail that is not always noticed by the audience members. This play is no exception and it is true to say that without that talent that we have in our Actors and Backstage personnel (all amateur remember) we would not have achieved our 70th Season. Thank you all so very much for your hard work and dedication, making my life so much easier.

Enough from me, sit back and relax and enjoy some twists and turns of plot, it is of course 2018.


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