Season 69

The Haunting

By Charles Dickens (Adapted by Hugh James)
24-29 October, 2016


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In an ancient, crumbling mansion, two men stumble across a dark and terrifying secret that will change their lives forever.

When a young book dealer, David Filde, is employed by a former associate of his uncle to catalogue the estate’s impressive library, he finds an incredible array of rare and antiquated books. But, as a series of strange and unexplained events conspires to keep Filde from his work, he realises that if he is to convince his sceptical employer that the mysterious phenomena he is experiencing is real, they must journey together to the very edge of terror to discover the source of the terrifying visitations.

This gripping adaptation of some of Charles Dickens’ most haunting works, based on his spine-tingling tales of the unexpected, will have you on the edge of your seats!


David Filde
Lord Gray

Director's Notes

It is strange when one goes from Wilde to Dickens –albeit an adaptation of two of his ghost stories – the use of language and descriptive narrative is (quite naturally) completely different.

Hugh Janes was commissioned by Bill Kenwright to write this play for production at the Theatre Royal Windsor with Paul Nicholas in the cast, followed by a National Tour 2010/11.

The action takes place in a crumbling Mansion on a desolate moor, where David Filde has been commissioned to catalogue for sale the contents of Lord Gray’s late father’s library.

A variety of strange ‘happenings’ occur – which give us as a team a host of opportunities to stretch our abilities and hopefully you as an audience the chance to indulge your curious side as we delve into the world of the unusual, the inexplicable and to an extent the paranormal.

My thanks to all the cast and backstage crew for their dedication and hard work – we have had fun and not a few laughs, quite right too!


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