Season 68

The Decorator

By Donald Churchill
14 - 19 September, 2015

Jane delivers ultimatium

Marcia is very happy that they did not fix the chair

But Walter I am desperate, please help

Is it getting warm in here ?


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Marcia is cheating on her older husband Gerald; the man decorating their study knows all about her adultery, as he can't help overhearing the two wives arguing, when Jane, wife of Marcia's lover, Brian, confronts Marcia in her own house about her misbehaviour with her husband.

Marcia is reduced to a nervous wreck by her rival's tirade and there's more to come when Jane vows to come back at 6pm that same evening and reveal all to Marcia's doting husband on his return from work and so the fun begins with various twists and turns in this lively comedy with a smattering of farce.


David Templeton

Director's Notes

So, another BLT season gets under way, this time with a play set in the 1980s and written by an actor and playwright of the time. The Eighties! Cassette tapes, a telephone monopoly (landlines only), references to political and entertainment figures which may seem quaint to many of us. Was it really only thirty years ago? However, some things donít change and, sadly, marital infidelity is among them. Still, Churchill gives us a comic view of what might otherwise be a depressing scenario, and the attempts of the three protagonists to avoid the consequences of their actions make for a fun eveningís viewing.

Is this a comedy or a farce? I donít want to get into the old arguments, so letís just say itís a comedy with some situations bordering on farce. But some of the dialogue is really funny- look out for the line about shopping at the Co-op.

As I write this half way through the rehearsal period, itís nice to report that Iíve been blessed with a fine group of performers, both on and off stage and Iím confident that the legendary BLT production standards will be maintained here. I hope youíll agree.


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