Season 66

Cat's Cradle

By Leslie Sands
21 - 26 October, 2013


The Doctor remembers the Telegram

The wedding dress has been repaired

The Inspector's boss makes sure he is on his way back

Sir Charles is not happy with the direction of the investigation

The Black and White set


In a last desperate attempt to resurrect his career in the CID, Inspector Frost re-opens the case that ruined him – a kidnap and possible murder he failed to solve some years before. With a new piece of evidence, he returns to the village in which the disappearance occurred. Where he was one a welcome guest, he now finds the villagers are no longer interested in re-living the past and in seeing old faces.

As it becomes increasingly apparent he is facing a conspiracy of silence and hostility, he enlists the assistance of a local ambitious journalist to help him with his investigations. The guilty and terrible secret of those who have spent years shouldering the burden of the truth is finally revealed in a series of startling revelations.


Sam Fletcher
Peggy Fletcher
Miss Merton
Sarah Fulton
Pamela Fulton
Bob Marriot
Sir Charles Cresswell

Director's Notes

Leslie Sands, the author of Cats Cradle, was born and bred in Bradford and visited BLT on a number of occasions with his friend the late Peter Holdsworth - the finest theatre critic the Bradford Telegraph & Argus ever had. In fact for many years their signed photographs were together on the wall of the theatre bar. Sadly they seem to have gone missing!

From his demobilisation in 1947 until his death in 2002 Mr. Sands was successfully involved a diversity of capacities within the theatre, radio and television as an actor, screenwriter or playwright. He wrote both comedies and thrillers and was responsible for many T.V. scripts including Z Cars and Van der Valk.

Cats Cradle was written in the 1980s but for reasons that will become immediately obvious when the curtain opens, I have moved the period to around 1960. If reading these notes AFTER seeing the play you will appreciate what I am talking about but I really would like to keep you wondering if you are currently sitting in the auditorium awaiting the houselights to dim.

The play has not been altered in any way whatsoever but perhaps my idea of ifs production might bring about the “Marmite effect” among members of the audience! Certainly it has caused major headaches to everyone involved in the production from design, wardrobes, props, makeup, effects, lights and sound. To all those people who have gone “that extra mile” to make this possible my sincere thanks.

Tony Cross

P.S. I have it on good authority that our hero Det. Inspector Jack Frost spawned the idea for the long running Touch of Frost T.V. series starring David Jason. Just a bit of useless information!


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