Season 65

Nunsense II - The second coming

By Dan Goggin
24 - 29 June, 2013

The thank you show starts with a song

Why do we not get to wear these super colours

Habit impressions - Can you guess who

Sister Marie-Annette takes over Sister "Amnesia"

The Sisters "borrow" the Mikado set


Yes – they’re back!!
Nunsense II: the Second Coming takes place six weeks after the sisters (the Little Sisters of Hoboken) have staged their first benefit.
The sisters are presenting a “thank you” show for all the people who supported them in the past, but now they are a bit slicker having been bitten by the theatre bug. Things get off to a rousing start as the sisters sing “Nunsense, the Magic Word”, but before long, chaos erupts.
This show will have you rolling in the aisles!


Sister May Regina
- Mother Superior
Sister Mary Hubert
- Mistress of Novices
Nicola Brook
Sister Robert Anne
Sister Mary Paul (Amnesia)
Sister Mary Leo

Director's Notes

Eleven years ago the Little Sisters of Hoboken put on a fundraising show at Bingley with the hilarious Nunsense. They needed to raise funds to bury the last four Sisters who were left in the Convent freezer following a poisoning mistake by their Convent Cook Sister Julia (Child of God) Now they return with a thank you concert for all of your support by way of Nunsense ll. Sister Amnesia is still having trouble remembering who/where she is, Sister Leo dreams of becoming the first ballerina Nun, Sister Robert Anne, ever the performer continues to work with troubled youths as she has a lot in common with them, Sister Hubert, Mistress of Novices, still has her eye on the Top Job and of course Mother Superior Sister Mary Regina does an amazing job in charge of them all but daily reflects to the time when she was a Star in the Circus.

Written by Dan Goggin the ‘Nunsense' concept originated as a line of greeting cards featuring a Nun offering quips with a clerical slant. The cards caught on so quickly that Goggin decided to expand the concept into a cabaret show called The Nunsense Story. In 1985 the original production of Nunsense opened at an off Broadway Theatre and ran for 10 years, becoming the second longest running off Broadway show in history. By the time it closed it had been translated into 26 languages with more than 8000 productions worldwide attracting such stars as Honor Blackman, Phyllis Diller, Sally Struthers and Pat Carroll. Being asked back to perform and direct Nunsense is an absolute pleasure with such a talented cast and funny script.

I have now been performing Nunsense on and off for over 10 years and still laugh at every rehearsal and performance.So please sit back and let the Little Sisters of Hoboken entertain you as only they know how!Helen Clarke Director/Mother Superior.

Helen Clarke


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