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The Arabian Nights

Adapted by Adam Forde
26 - 28 April, 2012

Will Morgiana succeed in saving Ali Babaís life?

The Robber tricks the Farmer again

Porter Sinbad sings of his woes in the Market

Is it an island or a whale?


Long ago in a far off land the brutal King Sharyar is about to marry the beautiful Sheherazade. Will she meet the same fate as his previous wives? Only her gift of storytelling can save her life. Can she melt her tyrant husbandís cold heart with her tales of treasures, monsters, genies, magic and romance and create a true love story of her own? Five of the stories are played out in dialogue, song and dance, and in their telling Scheherazade turns the King's heart away from his brutal cruelty, ensuring her own future as his beloved Queen.


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