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Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime

By david Tristram
5 - 10 December, 2011

Inspector Drake has been checking the chimney

Ah, two daughters thats tricky to explain

Inspector Drake hoping for some rumpy pumpy

Looking for the mole in every nook and cranny



A hilarious comedy. The legendary Inspector Drake is back to face his greatest ever challenge as he attempts to unravel a plot with more twists in it than, well, a really twisty thing.
Who is the mysterious Doctor Short? Has he murdered his fourth wife or did she murder him first? Has he really got two daughters called Sabrina and why is there a lamppost in the living room? You can see the jokes coming but still laugh when they arrive. Comedy and timing at its best, this is a fun-filled evening’s entertainment.


Sargeant Plod
Doctor Short
Inspector Drake
Miss Short

Director's Notes

Oh, what a lovely time we’ve been having whilst rehearsing this hilarious play by David Tristram.

It is a joyous mixture of “deadly serious” and “absolute slapstick” – which really shouldn’t work but absolutely does!

I have a wonderful cast who all “found” their characters very early into rehearsal so we have really been able to play with it – helped enormously by the fact that ALL my cast members are ones who learn their dialogue extremely early on – a fact that has impressed me and all who have popped their heads round the door – to see actors with their books down in the second week of rehearsal is amazing!!!

I am delighted to have Tony Howley as my Stage Manager (we worked together in I’ll Be Back Before Midnight). He is a wonderful SM and I know without doubt that the production will be in safe hands when I take the back seat following the dress rehearsal. The rest of the backstage team – props, wardrobes, lights, effects are all fantastic and have been busily working away, searching for various strange and exotic things and glamorous costumes for “the girls”.

As I am writing this in November, we are hoping for continued clement weather – this time last year our December play’s rehearsals were decimated by absences caused by the dreadful weather, so I sit here with my fingers crossed that at least the gritters are on stand-by!

So, sit back and relax – this is a fun piece – perfect for the lead up to the festive season.

I really hope you enjoy this very funny play. It probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and if it’s not yours – then you’re probably a coffee-drinker!


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