Current Season

Fatal Attraction

By Bernard Slade
19 - 24 September, 2011

Lombardi is draw in

Maggie shocked at Morgan's death

Sgt. Doris Aylesworth giving Lt. Gus Braden a hard time

Blair tries to get Gus on her side


Blair Griffin, a fading movie star is in retreat in her country hideaway in Massachusetts. In the throes of divorce, she invites her husband Morgan to collect some of his paintings. The mysterious Toni Lombard appears. There is a murder. Local police, in the form of jaded Lieutenant Gus Braden and sharp Sergeant Doris Ayleworth, have to sort it out. A cracking tale with many twists and turns right up to, and including, the very last scene.


Blair Griffin
Morgan Richards
Tony Lombardi
Sgt. Doris Aylesworth
Lt. Gus Braden
Maggie Stratton

Director's Notes

No, not that Fatal Attraction - no rabbits were harmed during the production of this play: though come to think of it, there are some similarities between this play and the 1987 film - and if you listen closely, you’ll catch our own little link. This is an exciting play to direct for a number of reasons: it is a tight and tense thriller with some terrific dialogue; it was written by Bernard Slade, whose main reputation lies in comedies - I suppose Same Time Next Year is perhaps his best known - and there are a lot of twists and turns towards the end, so keep alert! It has a talented and committed cast, with a nice mixture of new and familiar faces: and, for those who know me well and therefore know that a great part of my theatrical heart lies backstage, it relies perhaps more heavily than usual on the support of wardrobes, props, lights and effects and therefore gives the unsung heroes of BLT a chance to shine. And, needless to say, it will take place on a superb set (I can say this with confidence as I’ve worked with Peter Down before). It’s a technically demanding set - we often have two-level sets, but not many three-level ones, and there’s a great need for ‘smoke and mirrors’ to create certain effects.

Music often plays a big part in productions and that’s certainly the case here. But do you ever leave the theatre thinking ‘I know that music, but can’t quite place it’? For those who are interested, this is what we’ve used this time: Gymnopédie 1 (Satie), Mahler’s Fourth Symphony, Concerto for Orchestra by Bartok and (a new one on me) Korngold’s Violin Concerto.,

So, relax and enjoy this first offering of a new season.



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