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Meetings will be on the first Wednesday of every month 8pm at BLT. ALL BLT members are welcome who are interested in performing, producing, helping in the Studio in any way, ie using it as a learning curve!


Over the years The Studio has been used for plays, readings, poetry and concerts that would not be viable in the Arts Centre. We have some specific events lined up, see below, but there is space for more. If you are interested come along to the meetings and find out what it is all about.


Please note that Studio productions are held in the BLT section of the Arts Centre not in the main building. The door is on the side of the building away from the swimming pool.
Tickets available from Bingley Arts Centre Box Office weekdays 11am - 3:30pm or 01274 567983


Saturday/Sunday 2/3rd March 2019 at 7:30pm

Two of Alan Bennett's 'Talking Heads'

Bed Among the Lentils is a dramatic monologue written in 1987 for television, performed by Dame Maggie Smith.

We will see Louise Button as Susan, as she returns to Bingley Little Theatre, having last been seen as Lady Macbeth a few years ago

The second play is yet to be confirmed.
Tickets £5 (Under 18s £2) from the Bingley Arts Centre Box Office

Saturday/Sunday 25/26th May 2019 at 7:30pm

Round the Kitchen Table - a Tribute to the Brontes.

Tickets £5 (Under 18s £2) from the Bingley Arts Centre Box Office



INCLUDING "Brothers in Arms" A One Act Play written by Richard Walsh
Based on the true story of a Bingley family during the First World War
"Oh! What a Lovely War" an excerpt performed by the Bingley Amateur Operatic Society
"Over the Top" a short piece by Geoff Parker

May 2013 Duets By Peter Quilter - Director Richard Walsh

Feburary 2013 Radio play productions Uncle Mort's Holidays - Director Andrew Bailey
and Round the Horne - Director Rosie Crabbe-Wyke

October 2012 production My Mother Said I Never Should by Charlotte Keatley - Rosemary Grainger

December 2011 productions Cruise Missile by Jean McConnell - Director Mark Brown
and Dream Holiday by Elizabeth Poynter - Director Peter Berry. Jim Brook reflects....

It is pleasing and encouraging to have a play performed in Studio which has been written “in house” – by Elizabeth Poynter. (Incidentally, there are more to come in this respect – watch this space…….) I thought both plays were well produced, and had strong casts giving excellent characterisations.

In Dream Holiday, it was almost painful to see the gradual disintegration of Ellie, portrayed so effectively by Deborah Mouat, accompanied equally by the anguish of Stephen and Jo, played by Lee Russell and the author herself. I was wondering if there might be a twist in the tail, with an unexpected happy ending, but no – poor Ellie remained as detached from reality at the end as she had been to start with. And this, I decided, was actually clever writing: make your audience think “It’s gonna be all right at the end,” and then floor them with a dose of reality. Harsh, but effective! Credit also to Liam Barry for his sympathetic policeman – I recommend him for further roles in this area; nothing to do with getting yours truly off the hook, of course.

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Cruise Missile
, by contrast, provided a delicate transition. The two characters, Janet and Goldie, were superbly played by Sandra Chewins and (Madame Studio Chairman, no less) Jan Darnbrough – how essential to have this kind of quality in a two hander. I found myself squirming as Janet’s mouse was overwhelmed by Goldie’s harridan, and then muttering “Go for it, girl!” as the tables gradually turned and the harridan got her comeuppance. The play was cleverly crafted to produce this reaction, and the two stars produced superlative performances to carry their audience with them.

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A most enjoyable experience, and many congratulations to our two new directors, Peter Berry and Mark Brown. Creditable debuts, both.

October 2011 our thriving Studio group produced two one-act Chekhov plays, The Bear and The proposal, both directed by Anthony Leach. Gerard Kennedy reflects…..

The Bear Chekhov either gives actors a lot to say or not much at all. But often whilst the main characters are chattering away your eye is drawn to one of the ‘lesser’ characters. This was the case for me whilst watching the ‘Bear’. Whilst Martin Carr was delivering his many lines my eye kept being drawn to Selina Johal and Stuart Farrell. Although their characters didn't have as many lines, they had all the reaction (to Martin’s lines) to act out and I thought they did very well indeed.

As above, The proposal was a three hander, but the parts were more evenly matched. I like to get swept up in the moment of a play. Whilst watching ‘The Proposal’ I realised that I was completely focused on the stage and especially the three actors. They had my attention from the start. I thought the casting was spot on. I completely believed in the silliness of the situation and enjoyed each performance equally. Afterwards I was told that one of the actors only had two weeks to rehearse his lines; it certainly didn't show. Well done to both casts and to Tony who directed both plays.

May 2011, Two by Jim Cartwright

May 2011





"Just happy to be here" theatre company performed two of Kay Mellor's early one act plays.

Mother of Mine was written and set in early 1984. It is a short one act play about the relationship between a Mother and her teenage Daughter,which is full of pathos, humor and surprising changes.


The play Paul is more serious, (but it is humorous!) again set in the 1980s, when Thatcher and Thatcherisms were abounding. Paul is a teenage boy, then classified as ESN (Educationally Subnormal), at a time when care in the community was becoming the 'in' thing, but Paul does not fit any of the Establishment's boxes. The play shows Paul's mother's frustration at the changing polices, at the fact that no-one can really put a 'label' on Paul and that no-one is able to help her son.
Our own Gilly Rogers is in this one!
Can he really be James Bond or just a Man of Mystery?

More details about this company can be found on their website by clicking here.

The two short plays, Charity Begins and Plain Eyre, went down very well with the audience. Great evening had by all.

Charity Begins & Plain Eyre
Nov 2010

Charity Begins

Plain Eyre

Charity Begins

Plain Eyre

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