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Season 70 : Forthcoming Play List 2017 - 18
PLEASE NOTE: All our main house productions take place in the
Arts Centre and start at 7.30PM

18 - 23 September, 2017
Comedy - Odd developments when the occupants return home to find a burglar still in the house.
by Eric Chappell

A fast-paced comedy thriller in which five very different people play an escalating and hilarious game of cat and mouse.

John and Barbara Miles return from a celebratory dinner with their friends Jenny and Trevor Farrington to discover that their country house has been burgled. The burglar is Spriggs, a career criminal, who initially convinces everyone that he is the local policeman sent to investigate the crime. Once unmasked as the thief, Spriggs skillfully manipulates and corrupts each character; exposing guilty secrets, childhood rivalries and character flaws, all of which threaten to disrupt seemingly happy marriages and lifelong friendships. Through shrewd observations and stinging one liners Spriggs provides the audience with an entertaining, thought provoking and witty social commentary on key issues such as marriage, money, morality and crime.

Directed by: David Templeton,
Sponsored by: Illingworth McNair

23 - 28 October, 2017
A thiller which guarantees suspense until the very end.
by James Cawood

Newlyweds Robert and Olivia Chappell have bought a small hotel in the English Lake District, and at the end of their first season they settle down with a drink in front of a warm fire. But their evening is interrupted by the arrival of a rugged hiker seeking shelter from the snow storm outside. Unlike her husband, Olivia senses danger. Could the stranger have anything to do with her own dark past involving a stolen diamond and a dangerous ex-boyfriend looking for revenge? Another male visitor soon appears and Olivia’s worst nightmare comes true. A desperate fight for survival begins, shedding a very different light on all those involved while ratcheting up the suspense until the very end.

Directed by: Mal Fidler,
Sponsored by: Chris Wright

4 - 9 December, 2017
The perennial favourite.
by Harold Brighouse

Set in Salford Manchester in 1880, it's central character is Henry Hobson, owner of the long established Hobson Boots and Shoes. He is secure in the knowledge that nothing will happen to change his life- until it does. This comedy is based around the battle of wills between Hobson and his daughter Maggie. Maggie defies Hobson by marrying his most talented worker - the timid and downtrodden Will. She helps Will to develop his potential and together they turn the tables on Hobson.

Directed by: Rosemary Grainger,
Sponsored by: Lupton Fawcett Denison Till

22 - 27 January, 2018
Chappell's second play of the season and very different to the first: An edge of the seat thriller.
by Eric Chappell

A gripping psychological thriller, DEAD RECKONING sees a renowned artist finding himself caught up in a maze of chilling mind games and deceit. When the mysterious Mr Todd arrives at painter Tony Reed’s house, Tony is forced to face the past that still haunts him and make a decision that he has only ever fantasised about. This decision leads Reed and his second wife Megan into a terrifying nightmare from which there seems no escape. Who exactly is Mr Todd? Just how far is Tony Reed prepared to go? And who really did kill his adored first wife . . . ?

Directed by: Richard Thompson,
Sponsored by: Nick and Denise Watson

26 Feb - 3 March, 2018
Another old favourite as Billy Fisher weaves a world out of his dreams.
by Keith Waterhouse

A teenager in a North Country town, Billy Fisher weaves a world of his own out of his daydreams. He is an incurable liar, idle and dishonest, and to escape from his dull job as an undertaker's clerk and his dreary domestic background he imagines himself in so many different situations that truth and fiction become hopelessly intermingled. His family is unable to understand or control him, though they realize that he is a good for nothing. The cast is completed by the three girls to whom he is simultaneously engaged. When he is given the chance to start a new life, he turns it down, preferring his dreams to reality.

Directed by: Sandra Williams,
Sponsored by: CFS

9 - 14 April, 2018
A reworking of Godber's landmark play.
by John Godber

It’s Friday night, it’s club night – time for “BOUNCERS” to come alive! In this all-new up-dated version of the outrageous and hilarious parody of the contemporary nightclub scene, four brutish bouncers portray over twenty characters inviting us for a night on the town. We meet giggly girls, lads on the make, Hooray Henrys, pogo-ing punks, and a smooth talking DJ, all set against the tatty, glitzy glamour, flashing lights and pulsating beat of the dance floor.

Directed by: Kevin Moore,
Sponsored by: Pauline and John Norris

21 - 26 May, 2018
A light touch from the Master as he observes the attitudes of relatives awaiting the reading of a will.
by Noel Coward

The play is set in 1957 shortly after the death of Paul Sorodin, a brilliant artist. Indecently close to his death comes a trail of bereaved relatives, his business manager, and all the rest who combine grief with greed awaiting the reading of the will. Into the fray steps Sebastien, valet and companion extraordinary, with some jolting surprises for the “mourners”. The biggest surprise is that Paul Sorodin was not all he had seemed. Throwing a few revelations of their own into the mix are an eccentric Russian Princess, an ex show girl, an Eleventh Hour Immersionist ( a very avant garde religion) and a mute but effective gentleman named Fabrice. Before they finish reputations are arranged and re-arranged and Sebastian emerges very satisfactorily.

Directed by: Jacquie Howard,
Sponsored by:

2 - 7 July, 2018
The TV favourite brought to the stage.
By Richard Curtis

The Western Front, 1917. Captain Blackadder joined the British Army when it was little more than a travel agency for gentlemen with an abnormally high sex drive. Now he's twenty yards from a lot of heavily armed people who want to kill him. Worse still, his brother officer is a man whose family brain cell is gathering dust in a pawn shop in Dunstable, and Baldrick is in charge of cooking.

Directed by: Jonathan Scott,
Sponsored by: Peter & Audrey Flesher

Kaleidoscope Youth Drama Group
22 - 24 March, 2018
Adapted from the novel by George Barr McCutcheon.

Penniless Monty Brewster inherits one million pounds from his grandmother and one day later discovers that his grandfather has died and left him ten million pounds if he is able to spend his original one million inheritance within three months. If he succeeds he will be rich but if he fails then he will be poverty-stricken once more.

Directed by: Sally Edwards,
Sponsored by: The Emerald Foundation

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