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Regarded as one of the most professional of amateur theatres, Bingley Little Theatre produces eight full length plays for the main house each season (which runs from September to July) and a further production from the Kaleidoscope youth section. In addition there are various events on our smaller Studio stage – which can be anything from one-act plays, sketches, rehearsed readings, poetry readings, to a WW1 evening with songs. All at the well placed Bingley Arts Centre near many public transport options in the centre of Bingley.

Socially we have our own comfortable (and cheap!) bar that is open midweek from 9pm to 11pm and at the weekend when there is an event taking place in the Studio. Also there are many social events throughout the year including dances, meals, walks and quiz nights.

It is not all about acting. There is a huge body of helpers needed to stage a play and we are always happy to welcome new members. Use the membership form and we will contact you to show you round and see where you would like to fit in. Bingley Little Theatre also runs the Bingley Arts Centre, having taken over it’s management from the council and you can get involved in that too if you are looking for volunteering opportunities.

Equally you can just enjoy the plays themselves with no membership commitments. Season Passes are good value as you get eight plays for the price of seven. Please have a look round this extensive website to see for yourself the wide range of activities taking place.

Season 72 Play List 2019/2020

Our play list for the next season has already been chosen.

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A Message From Our President

president (16K)

I was greatly honoured to be asked to be President of Bingley Little Theatre, one of the foremost amateur theatre groups in the country. It is a thriving group, possessing wonderful premises. And donít take my word for it. That was said by Sir Ian McKellen, President of the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain, at a recent conference here.

One of the great joys of my life has been the pleasure I have received by being a member of a team. As a young man this usually meant being in a sports team, but I get the same satisfaction nowadays by being involved with Bingley Little Theatre.

Many people are entertained by watching a performance, maybe without fully appreciating what a range of activities are, or have been, going on behind the scenes. And everyone relies on everyone else. The actors would be lost without the director, the stage manager, the props, the wardrobes, the set constructors and painters, the light and sound technicians, and sometimes the prompt!

The audience wouldnít enjoy the experience so much if there were no programmes and sellers, no bar, no coffee available or front-of-house staff. The people involved in each of these are part of the team. And this isnít just an appeal for more volunteers, although they are always welcome. Rather than that I am saying that if you would like to be involved here then there will be a place for you. There are other activities not linked to a single play. Many people start by helping with one thing then try their hand in a different department before settling for their favourite. Lifelong friendships are forged, and there are varied social events to cement those friendships. So if it appeals to you at all, please come along and join us. I donít think you will be disappointed.

David Helliwell, President

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