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by Anthony Horowitz
18th - 23rd January, 2010


When a writer of pulp crime novels gets an interview with a notorious serial killer he believes he has snared the coup of his career. He arrives at the asylum to find nothing can be trusted, not even his own eyes. Through a series of lies, manipulations and memories, dark secrets are revealed. Why is there a skeleton in the doctor’s office? Where did the raw meat in the fridge come from? What is the nurse so afraid of? Most importantly, how does one get out?


Nurse Plimpton SELINA JOHAL

Director's Notes

The action takes place in an asylum where Mark Styler, a writer of glossy true crime stories, is attempting to obtain permission to interview Easterman, a notorious serial killer. The Head of Fairfields, Dr Farquhar, is unwilling for that meeting to take place. Styler soon discovers that all is not quite as it may seem. Who is Borson and from where did the meat in the fridge come? Should the skeleton be in the closet?

I feel that this is a very well written piece: on the one hand black comedy and on the other elements of the psychological thriller. Thus as with so many plays one has to work on many different levels or depths! The staging has also presented us with a number of interesting challenges that I hope we have surmounted in the true style of BLT.

It really has been a team effort and my thanks go to them all, not least of course the three actors who are the visible side. David and Julian I have worked with before and Selina has already made a profound impression on us.



  • Telegraph & Argus
    Review by Sue Butterfield
    20th January 2010

    “When Julian Freeman is on the bill, I know I’m in for a good night, and so it was at Bingley Little Theatre’s latest production, Mindgame.
    Written by Anthony Horowitz, creator of TV’s Foyle’s War and Midsomer Murders, the play opens in a hospital for the criminally insane where the writer, Styler, (David Templeton) seeks permission from Dr Farquhar (Freeman) for an interview with a serial killer.

    Here begins a journey through the psychological profile of a killer; although it must be said there is much dark comedy to delight the audience.
    The two leads are ably supported by Selina Johal as Nurse Plimpton”.

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