Current Season

Lust in the Dust

by Alan Bates
14th - 19th September, 2009

Penny warns Elizabeth to behave for her guests

Elizabeth overhears the lovers plans

One more for the road!

Passed out on the settee.


Elizabeth is a feisty widow, a former entrepreneur and explorer living with her daughter Penny and begrudging son-in-law Barry. Barry and Penny, not having the ideal marital relationship, are both, unbeknown to each other, in the throes of an affair and as coincidence and the script would have it their respective paramours just happen to be the two business associates who are due to descend on them that very night. Their secrets eventually come out and the weather worsens, trapping them together. During the evening it becomes clear that Elizabeth is in possession of a fantastic ancient artefact called The Diamond of Shallanab. Driven by lust and avarice the two pairs of adulterers scheme to steal this valuable treasure and make a new life for themselves elsewhere. They are, however, thwarted by justice and Elizabeth’s own amorous plans in the closing scene.



Director's Notes

What better way to start the new season than with a comedy?

We have often put on comedies at the start of the season, and this time we thought we would try one by a new playwright, Alan Bates. A very warm welcome to you, Alan - I know you are going to be coming to see the play and we hope you enjoy our version.

I am delighted to have Julian sharing the director's chair fortunately we seem to be on the same wavelength and spot things at the same time.

We are pleased to have a talented cast - all of whom I have worked with in one way or another, be it on stage or in the murder mystery events we do with Dial M - and we have had a very happy time at rehearsals with much jollity going on. We welcome Gerard who is treading the boards with us for the first time.

A big thank you to Graeme and the team for giving us a set that helps us to use all parts of the stage for entrances and exits, and to Judith, Olma and Claire (another new member, welcome) doing the "lots of props backstage" thing. Not forgetting Elaine and the wardrobes team and the industrial quantities of velcro, and also Josh, Neil and Trudie on lights and effects.

So, to you the audience - we do hope you enjoy our production: just sit back and relax - and have a bit of a laugh in these troubled times.

Cheers, Gilly.


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