Current Season
Amy's View
by David Hare
22nd - 27nd October 2007

Dominic and Amy repairing a puncture

Frank, Evelyn and Esme

Amy is unhappy at what Frank has to say


Dominic TygheJASON EVENSAmy ThomasLIZ HALL


Esme Allen is a well-known West End actress at just the moment when the West End is ceasing to offer actors a regular way of life. The visit of her young daughter Amy with a new boyfriend, a brash young gossip columnist and film critic, sets in train a series of events which only find their shape sixteen years later.

Director's Notes

It is a happy accident that David Hare and Bingley Little Theatre are both 60. The only time I met him was at Cambridge, where he was the most talented undergraduate of his year in student theatre; and he knew it. He was 20 and I was 30. To follow the decades, I first directed at BL T in its 40th season when I was 50. David Hare wrote Amy's View 10 years ago when he was also 50. Enough of this!

Two members of the cast have seen professional productions of tonight's play, one at the National Theatre, the other in New York. Hare and his work travel throughout the world and he now splits his time between continents. At last BL T has caught up with a major world writer. And about time too. As a director I rely on the theatre to choose well-written plays by interesting authors. What is the point of being active in amateur theatre otherwise?

As a member of an audience I want to see plays that are challenging and stimulating, not to be fed pap. As a director I have been very lucky recently, working on plays by Frank McGuinness, a fine Irish writer, and by young Charlotte Jones. Now add David Hare, after years of hoping. I hope you enjoy watching the production as much as I have enjoyed directing it.


"David Pedrick was excellent as Toby in the final scene as Esme's young co-star in a small West End Theatre production."

Sue Butterfield (Telegraph and Argus)

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