Current Season
Ladies' Day
by Amanda Whittington
17th - 22nd September 2007

At the Gate

Winners and Losers

The Last Dance

Celebration Time


Pearl, a fish packerDEBORAH MOUATJan, a fish packerJULIE BOLDY
Shelley, a fish packerCHLOE HORSFIELDLinda, a fish packerBETHANY-ROSE GARBETT
Joe, their supervisor / Fred, a ticket tout / Jim McCormack, a TV Pundit / Patrick, a jockey / Kevin, a gambler / Barry, a bookiePAUL DARGAN


Life is just one hard slog for the fish factory foursome. Friends together, these likely lasses' fortunes are set to change when they set out for Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot when it is relocated to York. Out go the hairnets and overalls as the girls do themselves up to the nines and go to the races. With its Yorkshire heart and soul it has all the warmth of a Calendar Girls or a Full Monty.

Director's Notes

Horse racing might be the sport of kings but a typical crowd at a race meeting (including Royal Ascot) attracts.a wide cross-section of people from all walks of life.

Many of us have often thought about taking time off from our daily routine and experiencing life in style - even for just one day!

Ladies' Day offers just that in the sense of four Yorkshire women taking the day off work from their dreary jobs in a fish factory, slipping off their hairnets to don their fascinators and head to the races. After years of fish-filleting the pals are ready for a spot of filly-fancying, but is Royal Ascot at York ready for them?

Pearl is leaving to spend more time with her husband and on the spur of the moment she decides to celebrate with an all-girls outing to Ladies' Day at York. Shelley misses no opportunity to mug for the TV cameras and go hunting for rich men.

The naive Jan is astonished when Pearl makes a confession to her. Despite having troubles of her own Linda is weak in spirit but has a good heart. She will take anyone into her home, letting them eat her food, drink her beer, run up her telephone bill and steal her boyfriend - even if it is her mother!

Ultimately, the play is about the test of friendship and discovering the sad truth behind a shining surface.


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