Current Season

Coming Exhibitions At The Art Centre

The following information details the artists and examples of their work, for current and future art exhibitions, which will be displayed in the Art Centre bar area.

Paul Louis Clark

21st October to 1st December 2016

Paul Clark says about himself: "I am a recovering artist who has had mental health issues since i was 19, yet i don't see myself as a outsider artist because i have been classically trained. i would say my work has a romantic vein running through it. i work from photographs and use my painterly talents to bring them to life. I am on a degree at Bradford college and I hope to become a art therapist. I specialise in portraiture, and have looked at artists like David Hockney and Lucien Freud. I work in oil, acrylic, watercolour and pen and ink."

Ian Dashper

2nd December 2016 to 12th January 2017

Ian Dashper is a fine art printmaker focusing on lino reduction printing. The process involves carving an image into a sheet of lino (similar to the lino used in floor coverings), rolling ink onto the block and printing it onto paper. This process is then repeated with further colours, starting with the lightest and gradually getting darker. Eventually, the block is completely destroyed as the layers of colour build up. It is a relief print (think potato prints). The print run is limited to however many prints are decided on at the first colour stage. Once you cut into the next colour you can not go back! All of the work is hand made and the inks are mixed from scratch. He even frames the work himself. His background is graphic design for commercial print / advertising. This has influenced his as an artist, as now he is about to start his final year studying visual arts/fine art at Bradford School of Art.

Peter Robson

13th January to 23rd February 2017

Since being a child, Peter Robson has drawn, painted, mused and dreamed. Growing up in the 1970's he describes the Vietnam war as having a big effect upon him and indeed' "left me cold watching the carpet bombing of people". Often Peter presents politically driven events in order to provoke questions about the actions of those in power or those that have grabbed power. For many years he has been involved in social issues and considers himself an activist. He has never tried to separate this from his art and, indeed, it clearly informs his work. Peter also believes that the artist has "an absolute duty and responsibility to represent what is happening in our world."


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