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Season 70 (2017/18) Cast Members

Below are photographs and penpics of all the players who appeared in our Season 70 productions, together with a list of the roles they played.


Ian Atkinson

Jim Heeler in Hobson's Choice

Following his character of Mr Cook, the gardener, in Inspector Drake’s Last Case, Ian was last seen in Flint St. Nativity. He has also taken part in three Bingley Amateurs pantomimes. Although Ian’s appearances on our Stage are few and far between his role of compere at our Social Events alongside his friend Charlie Jagger is invaluable.

Caroline Auty

Pamela in Nude With Violin

Since appearing in last season’s Sisterly Feelings, Caroline has played in The Accused for Keighley Playhouse and very recently finished a successful run of Dolly Parton’s musical 9 to 5 with Yeadon Amateurs. She is looking forward to taking part in a Coward play and joining old friends in the cast of Nude with Violin. She will be “Easing on Down the Road” in Bradford Catholic Players’ production of The Wiz.

Elliot Benn

Sam in Stone Cold Murder

A warm welcome to Elliot in this his first appearance at BLT. Until now most of his acting experience has been centred at Ilkley Playhouse where, over the years, he has met many BLT members who have eventually been able to seduce him across the moor! He has appeared in a variety of plays from The Glass Menagerie to The Lion the Witch and The Wardrobe; from The History Boys to Dead Guilty. Also in the list is Getting on and One Slight Hitch. Most recently he appeared in a fringe production of My Night with Reg again at Ilkley Playhouse. Elliot says he has really enjoyed the physical side of his role as Sam and hopes the audience will share his enthusiasm. After Stone Cold Murder he will be back to Ilkley for their Christmas production of Gregory’s Girl.

Glen Boldy

Henry Hobson in Hobson's Choice

Glen’s most recent appearance on our stage was in Ibsen’s A Doll’s House. Prior to that he was joined by his wife, Julie, in Brassed Off who, by coincidence played Maggie Hobson some years ago. But it doesn’t end there. Glen and Julie live in Pudsey where the play is set, just off Church Lane and only yards from the Butcher’s Arms! It would seem that Glen was destined to play in this Brighouse classic and now, of course, there will be a Henry and Maggie Hobson in the Boldy household.

Julie Boldy

Florence Boothroyd in Billy Liar

Julie last appeared at BLT as Vera in Brassed Off in July 2016. Since then she has kept busy, as she and husband Glen (who appeared in Hobson’s Choice) were away for 3 months travelling in Australia and New Zealand last winter. She also appears for Calverley Players and is involved in Moving Words which delivers Creative Arts workshops to Primary Schools with performance poetry, drama, dance and storytelling. She is also a member of the Inspiration choir.

Josh Breeze

Arthur Crabtree in Billy Liar

Josh comes to this play straight from appearing in the Keighley Musical Theatre Company’s production of Babes in the Wood where he took the role of Friar Tuck. He also appeared in the chorus of My Fair Lady for the same company in October last year. He was last seen on the Arts Centre stage as Simon in Sisterly Feelings. Josh is clearly much in demand and will be appearing as Hindley in Keighley Playhouse’s production of Wuthering Heights in April.

Laura Campbell

Cherry-May Waterton in Nude With Violin

It is almost 3 years since we saw Laura play Marcia in The Decorator but as well as being busy taking son Fraser to his many theatrical commitments she has taken part in 2 productions at Keighley Playhouse. Firstly as a Russian spy in Pack of Lies, followed by Goodnight Mr Tom in which she enacted several small parts and that of Mrs Beech. Laura is also a most welcome member of the prompting team here at BLT.

Jacob Campbell-Kealy

Stotesbury in Nude With Violin

This is Jacob’s first part on the Main Stage for BLT, but he took a memorable role as American journalist Mike Porter in Kaleidoscope’s production of Brewster’s Millions. He has also taken part in musicals and plays at Beckfoot School, and with Debut Academy. He is currently looking at taking his acting career further with the hopes of studying at Drama School. We wish him all the best for that.

Sarah Carr

Bob in Blackadder Goes Forth

Sarah last appeared in Flint Street Nativity in 2016. Since then she took the part of Post Mistress/ARP Warden in Goodnight Mister Tom for Keighley Playhouse in 2017.

Rhiannon Cawthorne

Megan Reed in Dead Reckoning

Rhiannon is well known to audiences locally, as she has acted in Keighley, Ilkley, Bingley and at the Lowry in Salford. She memorably played Gloria in Bingley’s production of Brassed Off in July 2016. She also has recently taken the role of Sara in the Production Endings, performed in the Studio at both Ilkley and Bingley; this was written and directed by Bruce Sturrock. Rhiannon has also acted much further afield; she took part in the first ever Murder Mystery production in Pakistan, performing in Lahore and Karachi with the Leeds based company “Murder One” .

Jessica Chewins

Vickey Hobson in Hobson's Choice & Rita in Billy Liar

As the daughter of such accomplished parents, it’s little wonder that Jessica is taking to the stage, although, at the moment much of her time is taken up with studying for A levels in Biology, Maths, Chemistry and History. In her spare time, she works as a cleaner at Bradford Royal Infirmary! We saw Jessica earlier here a couple of months ago when she appeared as Vicky Hobson in Hobson’s Choice. A very busy girl!

Paul Chewins

Geoffrey Fisher in Billy Liar

It’s not often that three members of the same family appear on stage at BLT in one production. However, we are delighted that this week that is the case. Paul last appeared on stage here in The Ladykillers almost two years ago. Subsequently he directed A Doll’s House last season. Paul is very active in theatres locally both as an actor and director. He recently appeared in Brassneck Theatre’s production of Rock of Ages and is about to begin directing a youth production for the Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Sandra Chewins

Alice Fisher in Billy Liar

Sandra, Paul’s wife, both on and off stage, appeared here a year ago as the redoubtable Mrs Cliveden Banks in Outward Bound. Since then she has taken the part of a detective in The Accused at Keighley Playhouse. An extremely versatile actress, Sandra’s roles have been wide and varied; she has been involved in productions for Bingley Amateur Operatic society, such as The Full Monty, Legally Blonde and Acorn Antiques, and gave a performance as Lady Macbeth in BLT’s Shakespeare Festival in the Studio.

Angelo Clarke

Darling in Blackadder Goes Forth

A big welcome back to the BLT stage for Angelo! We last saw Angelo in The Hypochondriac, taking the role of Deuxfois. He has taken parts in others plays, Something’s Afoot for BLT and The Producers in Keighley. Angelo says he is happy to be back on stage with BLT and looking forward to other roles in the future.

Thomas Clayton

Clinton Preminger Junior in Nude With Violin

We are delighted to welcome Tom in this, his debut for BLT. So far his busy life has been spent racing cars, playing rugby and from a theatrical point of view, appearing in musicals. He has also performed in bands and as a solo artist appearing at Bradford Cathedral and the Leeds O2 Academy. Eager now to widen his theatrical experience he hopes one day to turn his hobby into his profession. We wish you well Tom.

Patricia Clough

Mrs Hepworth in Hobson's Choice

Patricia needs no introduction to any members of BLT or to our regular audiences having performed regularly for over 50 years. She has been both our Chairman and President and has served on most of our Committees. Patricia’s last role was in Fawlty Towers but she now spends most of her time as an after dinner speaker when she always mentions BLT. She is pleased to report that many come and visit us as a result. Keep up the good work Patricia!

Bethany Denby

Liz in Billy Liar

We are pleased to welcome Bethany to Bingley Little Theatre as she takes her first role with us. However, she has been on stage here at the Arts Centre several times with Bingley Amateurs, appearing in shows such as Cinderella, Legally Blonde, Aladdin and more. She is looking forward to being part of BLT and its productions in the future.

Rob Edwards

Dr McFarlane in Hobson's Choice

Since we last saw Rob in The Good Companions he has been a very busy man. Following a successful run of Kiss Me, Kate at Ilkley Playhouse when he played Fred, the company took the production to the outdoor theatre at Minack in Cornwall. At the same time, he has been studying for an MBA and setting up his own publishing business. It is good to see Rob back on the BLT stage.

Mal Fidler

Director for Stone Cold Murder

Stone Cold Murder is Mal’s second production for BLT following Sisterly Feelings last season. She has directed many plays in Greater Manchester, including A Chorus of Disapproval, The Weekend and Same Old Moon. Mal also has an impressive list of acting credits – Bedroom Farce, Shadowlands, Hay Fever, Confusions and How the Other Half Loves being just a few. We are pleased that since coming to live in Bingley, Mal has chosen to share her talent and energy with BLT.

Julian Freeman

Melchett in Blackadder Goes Forth

Julian is well known to BLT audiences and is remembered for his powerful performances in many leading roles in plays such as Death of a Salesman and All My Sons. Julian most recent role with BLT was Walter in The Decorator in 2015. However, Julian has been busy with other local theatres such as Ilkley Amateurs and Yeadon Amateurs. Welcome back Julian!

Phil Gamble

Slater in Dead Reckoning

We welcome Phil back to BLT for his second appearance on our stage, the first being in in May last year when he appeared in Sisterly Feelings. Since then he has appeared in If I Were You at Keighley Playhouse, where he has appeared previously. Always busy, Phil is currently directing the pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk for Glusburn Youth Theatre, and is mentoring someone who will eventually take on the role. It is in Panto that Phil has spent much of his acting career, frequently taking the role of Dame!

Rosemary Grainger

Director for Hobson's Choice

Having retired from teaching, Rosemary was persuaded to re-start the Greenroom for young people. This quickly developed from one small class into several and so Kaleidoscope was born. She was responsible for Kaleidoscope for nearly twelve years during which time she directed eleven of their Main House Productions, including Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Boyfriend, The Canterbury Tales, The Would-Be Gentleman and The Winter’s Tale. She has also directed a number of adult plays for BLT including Katharine Howard, Accrington Pals, the Studio production of My Mother Said I Never Should and The Turn of the Screw. In 2014 she took the cameo role of Miss Tibbs in Fawlty Towers, and she has worked back-stage on many productions, helping with Props and as Prompt, ASM and SM.

Rick Greenwood

Judd in Bouncers

We welcome Rick to Bingley Little Theatre as he is making his debut here in this production of Bouncers. He is new here, but not to the stage, having taken various parts with Keighley Playhouse and with Operatic Societies in the region. Most recently he has played Professor Forsyth in The Accused, One Round in The Lady Killers, and Angus in Neville’s Island, all with Keighley Playhouse. He has also taken the roles of Nathan Detroit in Guys and Dolls with Guiseley Amateurs and Dave in The Full Monty with Leeds Amateurs. We hope he enjoys tackling the challenge of playing the many characters represented by Judd.

Liz Hall

Marie-Celeste in Nude With Violin

Not only is Liz a wonderful actress she also involves herself in other aspects of theatre life, recently prompting A Doll's House, acting as assistant director in the Ilkley production of Margaret and Me, and joining the reading and casting committee here at BLT. Having played the landlady/housekeeper in The Deep Blue Sea in Ilkley and now taking the role of Marie Celeste, she seems destined for a life below stairs. She may also need to brush up on both her French and her dusting skills!

Peter Hall

Sebastien in Nude With Violin

Our regular BLT audience will be delighted to see Peter treading the boards once again. A most talented and versatile performer he has, over the years, appeared in many musicals including My Fair Lady, Cabaret and South Pacific as well as many plays. Last seen here as Dr Frank in A Doll's House which followed his portrayal of Hans Muhler in Scales of Justice., he has also graced the Keighley Playhouse stage recently appearing in Death in High Heels and Gaslight.

David Helliwell

Spriggs in Theft & Jacob Friedland in Nude With Violin

Not only is David our President but also the publicity manager, so we are especially delighted that he has found time to join the cast of Nude with Violin. David had given many memorable performances over the years, appearing in Dad's Army, A Month of Sundays, Pack of Lies and If I Were You to name but a few, and of course we can't forget his portrayal of Inspector Drake in Inspector Drake and the Perfekt Crime and Inspector Drake's Last Case – not quite Noel Coward!

Sam Higgins

Albert Prosser in Hobson's Choice

Sam’s portrayal of Albert Prosser will mark his debut on the BLT stage. He has appeared with Buttershaw St Paul’s AODS since 2006 and has co-directed their junior section. In March this year he appeared in the Keighley Playhouse production of One man two Guv’rnors and very recently played Harry in Keighley Musical Theatre Company’s My Fair Lady. A very warm welcome to Sam.

Julie Hinton

Maggie Hobson in Hobson's Choice

Having fond memories of watching the play with her grandfather, Julie is delighted to be fulfilling one of her ambitions to play Maggie in Hobson’s Choice. She is also pleased to be working with Tim and Rosemary again since their involvement in Accrington Pals. Julie last graced the BLT stage playing Abigail in Sisterly Feelings last season. We are always delighted to welcome this lively and accomplished actress to our stage.

Rick Hoddy

Les in Bouncers & Perkins in Blackadder Goes Forth

Rick needs no introduction to BLT audiences, appearing regularly for BLT and BAOS. His last role for BLT was Les in Bouncers and he took the role of Dr Watson in the Studio production of The Speckled Band. Earlier this year Rick played Widow Twanky in the BAOS pantomime Aladdin and Bustopher in Cats, also for BAOS.

Phil Holbrough

George in Blackadder Goes Forth

Phil needs no introduction to BLT’s audience, having taken many roles and is a well-liked and very talented actor. Prior to Blackadder Goes Forth, Phil took the role of Krogstad in A Doll’s House in 2015. Phil says of the current play that he has been a fan for many years. He hopes that this talented cast will do it justice.

Jacquie Howard

Director for Nude With Violin

Jacquie has been an active member of Bingley Little Theatre since 1971 and loves working here. There is always a warm welcome coupled with the prospect of meeting old friends and making new ones. Like many directors, she first became involved in theatre as an actor and whilst she still “treads the boards” on occasions she finds herself more often on the other side of the footlights. She has lost count of the number of plays, and even one musical, she has worked on, either backstage, designing, acting or directing, but it is probably coming into triple figures. Her last two productions here were Flare Path and The Ladykillers and her most recent Getting On at Ilkley Playhouse.

Phil Jordan

Private Baldrick in Blackadder Goes Forth

A warm welcome back for Phil Jordan. He has been missing from our stage for some time. His last role for BLT was in 2015 playing the part of Dr Abbott in Fawlty Towers. Let’s hope he doesn’t wait too long before he takes his next role for BLT.


Alyssa Keene

Barbara in Billy Liar

Alyssa has been a part of Kaleidoscope since the age of eight and has taken numerous roles. She recently took her first adult role at Keighley Playhouse in their production of Fur Coat and No Knickers. She enjoys every aspect of developing a play as well as being on stage and recently helped to direct a short version of Mary Poppins with students from Bingley Grammar School. She often sings in live performances in Baildon and is looking forward to studying journalism at university.

Tim Lobley

Tony Reed in Dead Reckoning

Last season, Tim delighted BLT audiences in December with his portrayal of the hapless Joseph/Herod dragging his donkey around during the Flint Street Nativity. He takes a rather different role in this play! Over the course of several years, Tim has shown his versatility, appearing in Saddleworth, Keighley and Bingley in a wide variety of plays such as Sweet William, Death of a Salesman, and See How They Run. Since he last appeared here, he has taken the title role in The Accused at Keighley Playhouse.

Elliott Matthews

Private Frazer in Blackadder Goes Forth

This will be Elliott’s debut performance with BLT although he describes himself as ex-Kaleidoscope. He has taken roles with Leeds Amateurs appearing at City Varieties and the Grand, both in Leeds. He has also appeared at the Alhambra in Bradford in Hello Dolly for Buttershaw St Pauls taking the role of Barnaby. Elliott has also had roles with Harrogate Dramatic Society. We hope he will enjoy working at BLT and will come back again in the future.

Kevin Moore

Director for Bouncers

Kevin says that it is fantastic to be back here at Bingley to direct Bouncers, written by one of his favourite playwrights, John Godber. In fact his last directorial here at BLT was Godber’s Perfect Pitch which was so successful that it held the record for audience attendance, over the week, for many years. He has directed a large number of plays and musicals in Keighley, Bradford, Huddersfield, Leeds as well as here in Bingley. Recent productions include The Producers; Grease and My Fair Lady for Keighley Amateurs and One Man, Two Guvnors, The 39 Steps, Calendar Girls and The Importance of Being Earnest for Keighley Playhouse. His first play with Bingley was back in late 1980s when he appeared in Napoli Millionairi and he went on to appear in many more, including Up’n Under and Time of my Life .

Anthony Morton

Ralph in Bouncers

Anthony returns to BLT after last being seen in The Thrill of Love in March 2015. Before that he was one of the cast of another four-hander in The 39 Steps, involving a lot of fun and a lot of hard work, after which he was glad of a rest from the stage! Anthony recalls that he last worked with director Kevin in 1997, in another John Godber play, Up and Under, which was his BLT debut. Being a big fan of Godber’s plays, he says he has been waiting for Bouncers to arrive in Bingley, hoping to be selected for a part. He has appeared in four of his plays over the years. Although he says he sometimes rests between plays, it wouldn’t seem like rest to most of us, as he coaches and participates in triathlon events up and down the country, last year becoming as cold as he wishes to remember, swimming in a lake in Wales!

John Muggleston

Trevor Farrington in Theft

John recently joined Bingley Little Theatre after spending time with Eldwick Dramatic Society some years ago. He quickly became established and has, this year, helped in the workshop, acted in a studio evening and designed the set for Outward Bound in March. He then took to the boards again and played the small part of Dr. Diafoierhoea in The Hypochondriac in July. We are pleased that he has been willing to spend August and September rehearsing for this much more substantial part of Trevor Farrington.

Mark Nommik

Fabrice/George in Nude With Violin & Private Robinson in Blackadder Goes Forth

Mark started out doing pantomimes with the Glusburn Youth Theatre and decided it was time to try taking new roles in other genres of theatre. His first role for BLT (or should that be roles?) was as Fabrice/George in Nude with Violin. We are very pleased that Mark has been able to take roles in consecutive productions for BLT.

Michael Padgett

John Miles in Theft

Michael is a newcomer to Bingey Little Theatre but is not a newcomer to acting. In the past he has appeared in The Rat Trap with Beaconsfield Theatre Group, in Abigail’s Party with Windsor Theatre Group and in Absurd Person Singular at Burley. He has now settled in the area and we hope that he enjoys his debut at Bingley and that he likes being here and that he becomes an active member for the future.

Sarah Paley

Ada Figgins in Hobson's Choice

We extend a warm welcome to Sarah in her debut on the BLT Main House Stage. She joined Kaleidoscope in 2013 since when she has appeared in Around the World In 80 Days, Nil Desperandum and Salem. Let us hope that this will be the first of many future productions.

Andy Palin

Corporal Jones in Blackadder Goes Forth

Andrew took the role of Dr Purgon in The Hypochondriac for BLT in 2017 and Dr Royloth for the Studio performance of The Speckled Band. However, Andrew is often to be found backstage working on the sound and light and effects.

Ben Pearson

Billy Fisher in Billy Liar

In contrast to Billy, Ben is a very busy young man. He seems to be making a habit of multi-tasking in productions; in The Hypochondriac he was Stage Manager and sound designer as well as appearing on stage. In this production he is sound designer as well as taking the title role. Ben also manages our effects department. He also works at Keighley cinema and is a film maker too. Ben has been looking forward for some time to taking the role of Billy and will have no doubt been spotted muttering his lines whilst walking his dog!

Anna Riley

Olivia in Stone Cold Murder

It’s a long time, too long in fact, since we saw Anna on stage. Her last appearance was in Nunsense following Present Laughter, Sweet William and Something’s Afoot. Since then she has appeared with Ilkley Playhouse as Rita in Educating Rita and as Di in Di, Viv and Rosie. Anna says she is very happy to be back at BLT and since she works in Bingley and lives in Wilsden her commute to rehearsals will be considerably easier. We too are delighted at the return of this talented and versatile actress.

Gilly Rogers

Isobel Sorodin in Nude With Violin

This role is in sharp contrast to Gilly’s last acting part, which was as the Prosecuting Counsel in Jeffrey Archer’s play “The Accused” at Keighley, the second time she has taken the demanding role of barrister. Prior to that, she appeared here as Toinette in The Hypochondriac. She has also appeared at Ilkley Playhouse as Grace in Entertaining Angels and in Pack of Lies at Keighley Playhouse. Gilly also directed Flint Street Nativity for BLT in 2016.

Jamie Rogers

Colin in Nude With Violin & Private Tipplewick in Blackadder Goes Forth

Jamie’s last performance for BLT was as Colin in Nude with Violin, so he also is taking roles in two consecutive plays. He takes regular roles for BAOS, his last performance for them was as Mungojerrie in Cats. He has also taken roles for Brassneck Theatre.

Garth Rookes

Tubby Wadlow in Hobson's Choice

Following roles for BLT in Outward Bound, Sugar Daddies, and Cash on Delivery when he played Uncle George, Garth played Tom Oakley in Goodnight Mr Tom for the Foot Of The Barrel Theatre Company. He has also appeared regularly in Bingley Amateurs productions including The Pajama Game and The Full Monty.

Mark Rundle

Todd in Dead Reckoning

Mark’s most recent appearance for BLT was as Sir Robert Chiltern in An Ideal Husband, coincidentally, under the direction of Richard Thompson. Previous to that, he was seen as Hibbert in Journey’s End, when he played alongside his son, Harry. Acting is very much a tradition in the Rundle family, and they have been well known, especially in the Keighley area, for many years. Mark is also involved at Keighley Musical Theatre Company, where, in October last year he took the role of Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady.

Lee Russell

Robert in Stone Cold Murder & Edmund Blackadder in Blackadder Goes Fort

This is Lee’s 2nd performance in this season of BLT plays. We first saw him in Stone Cold Murder playing a manipulative rogue who came to an untimely end. Before returning to BLT to play Edmund Blackadder, Lee has appeared at Keighley in an Agatha Christie production.

Jonathan Scott

Director for Blackadder Goes Forth

Jonathan has been a well-known and versatile figure at BLT for many years, he has directed many plays here, most recently The Hypochondriac, (July 17). Fuurther back than this, Brassed Off , If I Were You and Fawlty Towers. His acting career over the last few years included The Price, Inspector Drakes Last Chance and Canvas.

Carol Southby

Barbara Miles in Theft

Carol is a regular performer at BLT, appearing in December last year in The Flint Street Nativity in which she says she had great fun playing the shepherd. Prior to that she played Mrs Cheveley in An Ideal Husband in May 2016, and Lady India in Ring Round the Moon in December 2015. Carol also acts at Ilkley Playhouse and with Otley Players. Recent parts include Ruth in Calendar Girls at Ilkley, Enid in Albert Make Us Laugh at Otley and two small parts in Brief Encounters and in Red Peppers also at Ilkley.

Tim Steere

William Mossop in Hobson's Choice

Tim has performed in various plays, musicals and pantomimes since he was last seen at BLT in Last of The Food Chain. Most recently he played Melvyn in Wedding Of The Year followed by Alfie in One Man Two Guv’nors, both Keighley Playhouse productions. We are very pleased to see him back with us in Bingley.

Becky Stewart

Jane in Nude With Violin

After appearing in many Bingley Amateurs' productions over the last 5 years including Cats, Hello Dolly, Red Riding Hood and Aladdin, Becky is now looking forward to participating in her first play. As well as performing with Brassneck Theatre and Upstagers she is an active member of Queensbury Running Club. Let's hope she sprints to success in this her BLT debut!

Jonathan Tate

Lucky Eric in Bouncers

Jonathan is a very busy actor and director in this area, having undertaken one or the other of these roles many times with local societies. His last appearance with BLT was in May 2014, playing the role of McCann in Pinter’s The Birthday Party. Before that he was seen in A Man for all Seasons in May 2013. Jonathan has played many roles in musical theatre, including appearing recently in My Fair Lady with Keighley Amateurs, Betty Blue Eyes at Ilkley and in The Little Shop of Horrors for Yeadon Amateurs. In 2013 he played the role of Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music for Bingley Amateurs. He directed Me and My Girl and La Cage Aux Folles, also for Yeadon Amateurs. He has also taught drama at Stage 84 stage school. This is Jonathan’s second time playing the part of Lucky Eric in Bouncers

David Templeton

Director for Theft

David is a major contributor to the smooth running of Bingley Little Theatre and The Arts Centre. He is the Business Coordinator, runs the box office and booking system and organises the allocation and distribution of season passes. He also directs plays and is a regular actor. Earlier this year he co-directed Outward Bound in March. Prior to that he directed The Decorator in 2015. His recent acting performances have seen him travel on a journey backwards through time, appearing in Death Trap (set in the 1970s), Death of a Salesman at Ilkley (1940s), Ring Round the Moon (1920s), Scales of Justice (1910s) and as Lord Gray in the Victorian era in The Haunting here in October 2016. He is now involved in a modern play and, being the director, finally gets to wear the jeans and T-shirt he chooses!

Yvonne Templeton

Jenny Farrington in Theft

Yvonne’s is a well-known face around the theatre both on stage and working in other roles. She organizes the social events here, assists husband David with the allocation of seats for season pass holders and the operation of the box office and is very much involved in the theatre props department. She also finds time to act and was last seen on stage in the courtroom drama Scales of Justice in April last year, before that in Ring Round the Moon in December 2015 and also appeared recently in the studio production of Cupboard Love.

Richard Thompson

Director for Dead Reckoning

A long standing member of Bingley Little Theatre, Richard has performed a wide range of jobs on and off stage. He has acted and directed many plays, most recently, An Ideal Husband and The Haunting. He has great expertise in theatrical lighting and has lit various productions in Yorkshire and beyond. He has just finished lighting the inaugural production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the Marshall Players at Cartmel Priory and is already planning the follow-up production of Much Ado About Nothing next September. Both are directed by Sandra Williams. He is also one of the founding members of “Ghostlighters” which is part of the “Back-Up” theatrical charity.

Jill Whitehouse

Anya Pavlikov in Nude With Violin

Another busy, versatile member of the cast Jill has recently played Gerda in the Keighley Playhouse production of The Hollow but we last saw her here in Bingley playing opposite fellow cast member David Helliwell in last season’s Sisterly Feelings. Jill says she may find the Russian accent a challenge but will certainly enjoy the character’s eccentricity. We are always happy to see Jill back on our stage.

Ian Wilkinson

Ramsay in Stone Cold Murder

Ian was last seen in our January production of The Price when he played the cunning antique dealer Solomon. He joins Lee again, playing Ramsay, an unexpected visitor seeking shelter on a stormy night. We are grateful to Ian, who, as Chairman of the Reading and Casting Committee, stepped into the role 3 days into rehearsal. This makes it a particularly hectic time for Ian juggling rehearsals with a busy publishing business and a house renovation project.

Hannah Williams

Alice Hobson in Hobson's Choice

It is almost two years since Hannah appeared in The Turn of The Screw at BLT but she has been very active at Keighley Playhouse playing Amy March in Little Women and Pauline Clench in One Man Two Guv’nors! Always busy she is often involved back stage and is also the Membership Secretary for Keighley Playhouse. It’s good to have her back at BLT.

Sandra Williams

Director for Billy Liar

Although she has lived in Cumbria for ten years, Sandra still has strong links in Yorkshire and enjoys directing at BLT. She has directed four Arthur Miller plays here, the latest being The Price last season. She has something of a reputation at BLT for directing tragedies or plays with a more serious theme, so she is especially pleased to be directing Billy Liar, which, although it touches on some serious issues, is very comic in parts. It has been on her “bucket list” to direct, partly because she took the part of Barbara when BLT first produced the play in the 1970s. In Cumbria, she has set up the Marshal’s Theatre Company. This community theatre’s next production is Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing in September, to be performed in Cartmel Priory. The previous play there was a sell-out production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

George Willoughby

Fred Beanstock in Hobson's Choice

George is delighted to be returning to Bingley since his last involvement in My Boy Jack in 2010. Since then he has been involved in a variety of projects including performing some Shakespeare at the Alhambra Studio. We hope it won’t be another 7 years before we see George again.

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