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Season 66 (2013/14) Cast Members

Below are photographs and penpics of all the players who appeared in our Season 66 productions, together with a list of the roles they played.


Sam Ball

Amanda in Canvas

We welcome Sam back to BLT; she was last here in 2013 playing Sister Robert Anne in the much acclaimed Nunsense 2.

Sydney Cross, then father Tony – a The Sound of Music alongside her daughter Francesca – maybe the fourth generation?

Blaise Bowden

Tomas in Canvas

Blaise joined Kaleidoscope at Easter 2013. His first part with the group was playing a boozy tramp in production of Angel Cakes. He also joined in the Kaleidoscope Christmas weekend workshop An Almost Christmas Carol, 2013. Blaise is nine year’s old and he’s just completed his Lamda Entry Examination Cakes in 2014. This is his first play on the main house stage.

Katherine Brinkworth

Sarah Fulton in Cat's Cradle

Katharine makes her Main House debut in Cat’s Cradle. She has been a Kaleidoscope member for 7 years, and has passed her Grade 6 LAMDA examination with distinction. During that time she appeared as a genie in Arabian Nights and as Cleomenes in The Winters Tale. During her time at Bingley Grammar School she appeared as Gloria in their production of Brassed Off. She has admitted that she does not play the flugel horn, but does play piano and guitar, appearing last year in the Schools Prom at the Royal Albert Hall.

Rosie Brookes

Miss Merton for Cat's Cradle

Rosie is pleased to be on stage near the beginning of this play, as in her last appearance for BLT she had to endure a nerve-racking wait until the final few minutes in her role as Stephanie in Lovers at Versailles. She has appeared in several BLT productions but her last appearance on the Bingley stage was as Frau Schmidt in BAOS’s production of The Sound of Music.

She was delighted to tackle the Betty Marsden voices in the recent Studio Production of Round the Horne and regularly works backstage.

Jim Brooks

Porter Milgrim in Deathtrap

Jim is pleased to be on stage in this play, as a change from working on the technological side, which takes up much of his time, both with BLT and in his role as Technical Co-ordinator for the Arts Centre. He is the third member of the cast to have been in Underground and since then has appeared in The Happiest Days of Your Life. He has performed in two Studio productions: as Douglas Smith in Round the Horne and recently wearing many hats in the Poirot radio play.

Fraser Campbell-McDonald

Tomas in Canvas

Fraser is one of two boys playing the part of Thomas. Following in his mother Laura’s, (Alice in The Right Thing), footsteps, he began acting aged two playing Jimmy in The Railway Children at Keighley Playhouse 2009, where he stole the critic’s heart. Since then he has been involved in a number of productions, mainly with Harden Players. He attends Sara Packham’s Theatre School, Cullingworth and will have completed four performances in her Show Case, 4 & 5 April, prior to Canvas’s opening night.

Dale Chadwick

Alistair in Canvas

Dale has acted and worked backstage for many local operatic and dramatic societies. He was last seen on stage at Bingley playing Henry VIII in A Man for All Seasons 2013.

Since then he has appeared as Curly McLain in Oklahoma for Skipton Music Theatre, 2013 and as Bob Decker in Bus Stop (the fi lm starred Marilyn Monroe) for Keighley Playhouse, 2014.

Paul Chewins

Clown 1 in The 39 Steps

Paul has much experience in the theatre as director and actor with many local companies. His roles have been very wide ranging from serious dramas, comedies and musicals. In March this year he played Max Harkaway in London Assurance for Ilkley Playhouse. In May he was the Common Man in the BLT production of A Man For All Seasons and last month was Michael Storkwedder in the Keighley Playhouse production of The Unexpected Guest.

He is already looking forward to playing the solicitor in the YAODS production of Me and My Girl in March 2014 and in May he will direct the BLT performance of Harold Pinter’s The Birthday Party.

Helen Clarke

Bronwyn in Canvas

Helen is a very experienced actress, director and choreographer and has been involved in Amateur Theatre for over thirty years. Nunsense 2, 2013. Jane Eyre and last November The Darling Buds of May for Yeadon Amateurs. This play sees her and Sam Ball again, on stage together.

Gabrielle Cross

Helga ten Dorp in Deathtrap

This is Gabrielle’s second appearance for BLT, the first being as Anne of Cleves in the play Katherine Howard, performed by BLT in 2006. Gabrielle came from Switzerland to live in this area in 1984, and first joined Bingley Amateurs as a member of the chorus. She then went on to perform many lead roles, most recently as the Mother Abbess in The Sound of Music. She has also appeared with both Aireborough and Bingley G and S societies. Having been directed many times by Tony Cross, they married in 2005!

Tony Cross

Director for Cat's Cradle

Directing plays for BLT for some 47 years, Tony’s first memory of BLT, is helping to carry rubbish from the basement of the old theatre building in Waddington Street to make room for the scenery workshop. His first appearance was as a rabbit in the 1948 production of Toad of Toad Hall. His road to taking adult roles on stage was a slow and painful one – he was proud to accept the title role in Whatever Happened to George, until he discovered that he only appeared on the first two and the last page of the play. His small stature meant that he was still being offered child parts until his mid teens! He has lost count of the many productions he has appeared in and is particularly grateful to have played in The Miser, Sleuth, Fantasticks and Stop the World.

Jan Darnbrough

Ida in Cemetery Club

Jan is a well-known actress at BLT, having impressed as Lady Alice More in A Man for All Seasons in May of this year. Prior to that she will be remembered as Elizabeth Trant in The Good Companions in 2011. She appeared in the studio production of Cruise Missile and directed The Darling Buds of May in 2012. Besides her efforts on stage, Jan is a hardworking member behind the scenes and in her year as Chairman was instrumental in the rejuvenation of the use of the theatre Studio, the committee of which she is still Chairman. She has also been the Office Manager of Bingley Arts Centre since BLT took over its management in January 2012

June Driver

Myra Bruhl in Deathtrap

June is one of three actors in this play who last appeared together here in Underground in 2009. Since then she has appeared for BLT in Entertaining Angels and at Keighley Playhouse in Habeas Corpus and We’ll Always Have Paris. June works hard helping to organise the social life of the theatre, but another of her responsibilities is trying to persuade people to take on the unenviable task of prompting plays. However, she very much enjoyed prompting Nunsense last summer, singing along in the wings!

Frank Etchells

Sir Charles Cresswell for Cat's Cradle

Frank enjoys a variety of types of performance; he has recently embarked on the stand-up comedy circuit and in the dim and distant past was a DJ! He has also regularly appeared at Bingley in plays such as A View from the Bridge, Sweet William, Tom, Dick and Harry and Underground. Most recently he was seen as Edgar Sowter in last season’s production of The Happiest Days of Your Life.

Jason Evens

Clifford Anderson in Deathtrap

Jason last appeared on stage for BLT in 2010 in Pride and Prejudice, and was previously another of our three actors who appeared in Underground. He has also appeared for the Brassneck Theatre Company in Fiddler on the Roof. A regular actor at Keighley Playhouse, he has played Neville in Neville’s Island, Richard in Murder on the Nile and Crabtree in ‘Allo ‘Allo . He also took the part of Richard Hannay there, in The 39 Steps, where he sustained broken ribs, thanks to the pipe in his pocket!

Josh Freeman

Bob Marriot in Cat's Cradle

Although Josh is very familiar with the theatre, it is 5 years since he appeared on the stage. He is usually to be found behind the scenes running sound or lights, which he does all over West Yorkshire. Josh’s first stage appearance was as a member of Kaleidoscope when he appeared in a show called Ratz. Josh’s Dad, Julian has been a frequent performer at BLT and Josh’s New Year’s resolution was to be on stage again, and wonders if his success was anything to do with cutting short his previously long hair! Who knows?

Robin Green

Director for The 39 Steps

We welcome Robin back to direct another BLT production, he made his directing debut here with The Shop at Sly Corner (February2012). He has a wealth of directing and designing experience and is much in demand by local dramatic societies. He recently designed the set for The Odd Couple at Ilkley Playhouse. He designed the set for our production of A Man For All Seasons (May 2013) and has been on the building team for several other plays. He is working on the set for Lettice and Lovage being performed by Harrogate Dramatic Society at the Harrogaate Theatre next year.

Joann Holbrough

Mildred in Cemetery Club

Joann is a member of a very active family in Bingley Little Theatre. Husband Graeme is the theatre treasurer and has designed this set and helped to build it. Son Philip is one of our leading actors. Joanne has recently appeared in Lovers at Versailles in 2011, in Macbeth in 2012 and more recently in A Man for All Seasons in May this year. She is very involved behind the scenes too, having been wardrobe mistress for many plays, including The Game in April. She has also acted as assistant stage manager and helped with props.

Phil Holbrough

Clown 2 in The 39 Steps

Phil, along with his Mum and Dad, is well known to Bingley audiences. Phil has successfully played serious roles but is particularly adept at comedies and farces. In September 2011 he played Tony Lombardi in Fatal Attraction and in May 2012 was Lennox in Macbeth. Earlier this year he was Charles Stanton in Dangerous Corner. He has recently taken the lead role in a new production of The Seven Ages of Stan for Calverley Players. He says he loved the part, but much prefers to play at Bingley to Bingley audiences who he thinks are great!


Becky Kordowicz

Annabella, Margarent & Pamela
in The 39 Steps

Becky is thrilled to be appearing in The 39 Steps at Bingley and to be working with Robin Green once more. Her favourite part to date is Flare Path at Ilkley Playhouse.

She made her debut at Bingley in A Night of Dark Intent (February 2013). Previous roles elsewhere have included Arms and the Man, The Flint Street Nativity, Ladies’ Day and Suburb of Babylon, all of which required varying accents, but to produce three in The 39 Steps is going to be a first and a challenge.

Hollie Landi

Mia in Canvas

Hollie is one of the two girls playing the part of Mia. She has been a member of Kaleidoscope for eighteen months. In their 2013 production of Angel Cakes she played the part of a junior Angel. Hollie is ten years old and a pupil at St. Joseph’s Primary School in Bingley. Along with the other three children this is her fi rst experience on the main house stage.

Marianna Low

Mia in Canvas

Marianna has been a member of the Kaleidoscope Drama Group since September 2012. So far she has been a junior angel in Angel Cakes and was involved in the Kaleidoscope An Almost Christmas Carol, 2013. Aged ten years Marianne has completed two Lamda examinations, gaining a Merit for the Entry exam. She sat her Grade I in February 2014; and is awaiting the results.

Steve Mason

Director for Canvas

Many children follow in their father’s footsteps when taking to the stage. However in Steve’s case the reverse was true. Seeing what fun his children were having encouraged him to have a go himself. He has directed many plays in Ilkley including The Railway Children and Frozen, 2009 and latterly Play it Again Sam, and Flare Path, 2013.

Prior to this, his directing debut for BLT, Steve was Assistant Director on Night of the Iguana, 2007 and co-directed on Good Things, 2010

Anthony Morton

Richard Hannay in The 39 Steps

Anthony has not been on the Bingley stage for a while. He played Charley Charlton in The Darling Buds of May (June 2012), a part he very recently had to repeat for Yeadon Amateurs when their actor had to withdraw at the last minute. He went on after 2 rehearsals but he says he would have appreciated a few more run-throughs although he was agreeably surprised how quickly all the lines returned. He was last seen at Bingley as Peter in Terence Rattigan’s Flare Path (October 2012).

Deborah Mouat

Lucille in Cemetery Club

Deborah’s acting has been admired in a wide range of roles on the BLT stage in recent years and, indeed, has resulted in her becoming one of the busiest actresses in this area. But she has still found time to help backstage in a variety of ways, from lighting operator, dresser, set-painter, props and wardrobes, to serving on the Reading and Casting Committee. She has been seen here as Mathilde in The Shop at Sly Corner, at the beginning of last season as Barbara in Things We Do for Love and in recent studio productions of Dream Holiday and Duets. She has also acted and directed in many plays with Keighley Playhouse and in productions at Baildon.

Gilly Rogers

Director for Deathtrap

Gilly has spent the autumn heavily involved in the play The Calendar Girls; she appeared as Chris at Keighley Playhouse in September, and since then has directed Ilkley’s production. As a result she is the proud owner of two special calendars! Gilly last appeared on stage at BLT as Miranda in A Night of Dark Intent and before that as Lady Macduff in Macbeth. In December 2012 she co-directed The Happiest Days of Your Life for BLT. As well as acting and directing, Gilly is a member of the Reading and Casting Committee, and is our Artistic Co-ordinator.

Garth Rookes

Sam in Cemetery Club

This is Garth’s debut with Bingley Little Theatre. We welcome him and hope he enjoys appearing in The Cemetery Club.
He has, however, a wealth of theatrical experience with other societies, playing leading roles in six recent shows for Bingley Amateur Operatic Society on this same stage. He has also acted at Yeadon in La Cage Aux Folles, Great Horton in Jesus Christ Superstar and with the Tripwire Theatre Company in Reservoir Dogs. Garth’s two sons also enjoy theatre and, although he has appeared with both individually, he hopes the opportunity arises for all three to appear on stage together.

Jacqueline Scott

Justine in Canvas

Jacqueline has played many varied roles, not only for Bingley but also for Baildon Players. Her most recent part for BLT was Wilma in A Night of Dark Intent, 2013. The previous year saw her on stage as one of the amazing witches in the production of Macbeth where she was directed by her husband Jonathan. On this occasion she will join Jonathan on stage.

Jonathan Scott

Rory in Canvas

Jonathan is well known to local audiences both as a director and actor. In 2013 he both directed and designed the set for The Game. BLT has real family connections for Jonathan. His parents were members in the early days; their marriage was one of the theatre’s fi rst romances. Carrying on the family tradition, Jonathan met and fell in love with his wife Jacqueline during the 1999 production of Straight and Narrow. Once again they tread the boards together.

Bruce Sturrock

Rory in Canvas

Bruce’s most recent stage part with Bingley was playing Bruce in The End of the Food Chain, 2012. Renowned as both actor and director his most recent performances have been with Ilkley Playhouse as Allen in Play it Again Sam directed by Steve Mason, and the photographer in their 2013 production of The Calendar Girls. In October 2013 Bruce directed Darling Buds of May for Yeadon Amateur Operatic Society. Also in December 2013 he played Leonard Field in the BBC drama The Great Train Robbery.

Lorraine Taylor-Parker

Peggy Fletcher in Cat's Cradle

Lorraine is delighted to be returning to the Bingley Stage after some years’ absence during which she has been teaching Drama in Harrogate and Leeds and directing various productions. She has appeared in many productions locally but the roles she will be especially remembered for at Bingley are the title roles in Shirley Valentine, Educating Rita and Thérèse Raquin. Lorraine is looking forward to taking direction from Tony Cross once more as she used to be his secretary. At least, this time she is relieved she doesn’t have to type!

David Templeton

Sidney Bruhl in Deathtrap

David appeared on stage in Bingley last April in The Game, and before that in The Darling Buds of May. He also appears regularly at Keighley and Ilkley Playhouses. He was in Blithe Spirit at Keighley, along with Gilly Rogers, and took the part of Humphrey Bogart in Play it Again Sam at Ilkley, where, after this play, he will fulfil one of his ambitions: playing Willie Lomax in Death of a Salesman. He also is Box Office Manager and along with his wife, Yvonne, is Season Ticket Secretary.

Yvonne Templeton

Bridget in Canvas

Playing Miss Gossage in the 2012 production of The Happiest Days of your Lives was Yvonne’s most recent BLT role. Cat’s Cradle and Deathtrap being the most recent.

She and her husband David were responsible for setting up the Arts Centre Box Office, which she helps run; and she is also a member of the Front of House Staff.

Laurie Toczek

Sam Fletcher in Cat's Cradle

We are pleased that Laurie is returning to the Bingley Little Theatre stage, where he last appeared in the 1990s in Quartermaine’s Terms. In 2010 he started his own theatre group, Spud Theatre and in 2011 they took a production of the stage version of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Further festival appearances followed and in 2013 they performed John Godber’s Bouncers at the Camden Fringe Festival in London. Welcome back, Laurie!

Kay Vann

Doris in Cemetery Club

We welcome Kay back to the BLT stage, her last appearance here being as Clara in Lovers at Versailles in 2011. She has much experience at Ilkley Playhouse, appearing in The House of Bernada Alba, The Crucible, Lady of Letters, We Happy Few, Chaim’s Love Song and, having played Lady Bracknell some years ago, played Miss Prism in The Importance of Being Earnest. Kay has also recently appeared as the Countess in Ilkley Operatic Society’s production of Me and My Girl. We hope she enjoys acting here again..

Ian Wilkinson

Frost in Cat's Cradle

Ian claims that in his professional life he often speaks “A load of bull” as he is building up his own publishing business in which one of his publications is The Farmers Mart. Interestingly he also claims that his good looks are returning after recently losing a good deal of weight.

Frost is a very strong character in this play, and it will be interesting to see whether art imitates life! Ian works hard behind the scenes at BLT, being a past Chairman, and at present is Chairman of the Reading and Casting Committee.

Hannah Williams

Assistant Director for Canvas

Having assisted Steve Mason at Ilkley, Hannah is once again working alongside him as Assistant Director in this her BLT debut. She is in her final year at Teesside University, Leeds Campus, completing a degree in Creative Industries, hopefully leading to a potential career as a Director.

In the meantime Hannah works at the local Vintage Bakery, Jeanette’s Cakery, in Saltaire where she is frequently seen in 1940’s style.

Katrina Wood

Pamela Fulton in Cat's Cradle

We are pleased to have Katrina on stage again at BLT. She was last seen here at the beginning of the year when she played Miss Mockridge in Dangerous Corner. She has previously appeared in I’ll be back Before Midnight, Lust in the Dust, See How They Run and The Good Companions. She is a very experienced performer, both acting and singing in the district with several Dramatic and Operatic societies including Leeds, Ilkley, Halifax, Bradford and Skipton. She also has TV credits to her name, including A Touch of Frost!

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