Current Season
Season 63 (2010/11) Cast Members

Below are photographs and penpics of all the players who appeared in our Season 63 productions, together with a list of the roles they played.


Mark Allen

Guardsman Bowe in My Boy Jack

We are pleased to welcome prize-winning actor Mark Allen to the stage at BLT! He won the title of Best Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of Quasimodo in The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Wharfedale Festival 2010. Mark has taught drama and singing in the area for the last ten years, and is also a member of the Dial ‘M’ Murder Mystery Company. He has appeared for Bingley Amateurs as Lt. Cable in South Pacific, and for Keighley Playhouse in Cooking With Gus, Ladies Down Under and The Gingerbread Lady.

Jim Baker

Stephen in Lovers at Versailles

We are pleased to welcome Jim to the Bingley stage this week. He has recently moved to the area from Warwickshire, and although this is his BLT debut, he has appeared in Ilkley where he was in Arms and the Man last April. In Warwickshire he has previously acted in a variety of plays by such writers as Chekhov, Miller, Stoppard and Orton. He has also occasionally been known to tread the boards in musicals. His favourite acting roles include Major Pollock / Mr Stratton in Separate Tables, Chris Keller in All My Sons, and King Arthur in Camelot.

Tom Bean

Leslie in It Runs in the Family

Tom has had acting in his blood from an early age and joined Kaleidoscope in 2007. He has had much success in their productions and we are delighted that he has progressed to main house plays, taking part in both Pride and Prejudice and Dad’s Army. He is currently studying performing arts at A Level.

Christian Beaumont

Bert 2 in All My Sons

Christian shares the role of Bert. As a member of Kaleidoscope he took the part of Shylock in their production of Shylock Penguin. With the Debut Theatre School he has played in The Wizard of Oz and Joseph’s Technicolour Dreamcoat. He has been selected by the Leeds Diosese Choir as a soloist and gained Distinctions in his last three LAMDA exams. His Grandmother Olma Wright is also a member of BLT.

Stephen Blundell

Dr Mike Connolly in It Runs in the Family

Stephen’s expertise in designing the lighting for BLT is much appreciated and he has served in this capacity in many recent productions. He has also acted regularly, most recently in Pride and Prejudice as Charles Bingley. He also appeared last season as Michael Preston in Underground.

Julie Boldy

Mrs Joe Brundit in The Good Companions

Having left full time teaching, Julie, with a partner, runs a company called ‘Moving Words’ delivering creative arts workshops to schools. An experienced actress and choreographer, her most recent appearances have been in The Producers and Fiddler on the Roof with Leeds AOS at the Yorkshire Playhouse and with Calverley Players in Good Things and one of Alan Bennet’s Talking Heads.

Nicola Brook

Barbara Jackson in Pack of Lies

Nicola is well known throughout the area as a gifted performer both in acting and singing. Memorable performances with BLT include LV in the Rise of Fall of Little Voice and as Eliza Doolittle in Pygmalion when she was directed by Jacquie Howard. She also appeared as Susan in Bed Among the Lentils, Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads at Endellion Theatre Company. Musicals include Miss Hannigan in Annie (Bingley AOS) Dolly Levi in Hello Dolly and Lady Thiang in The King and I (Leeds AOS). Another favourite role was Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd.

Jim Brooks

Police Sargeant in It Runs in the Family

Jim is very much appreciated by BLT as our Effects Manager, and he has created the sound effects for many plays. He has also acted in a number of recent plays, gaining promotion from being Constable Downs in Tom, Dick and Harry, to the Sergeant in this play. He is pleased to have been given this part, fearing he would be typecast after playing the tramp in Underground last season. Jim is married to Rosie, who appears as Mother.

Rosie Brooks

Mother in It Runs in the Family & Stephanie in Lovers at Versailles

In addition to acting in recent plays, Rosie is one of BLT’s hardworking stalwarts behind the scenes, regularly in charge of props, being Assistant Stage Manger and compiling information for programmes for the Publicity Committee. She has also worked with the Stage Committee. Rosie last acted in another Ray Cooney farce, Tom, Dick and Harry, in which husband Jim also appeared. Before that she played Rose in Five Blue-Haired Ladies Sitting on a Green Park Bench.

Mark Brown

George Deever in All My Sons

Mark’s first play with BLT was as Jake Latta in The Night of the Iguana (2007) since when he has become well known as an accomplished character actor in The Taming of the Shrew, Dead Funny (though he thought he did a very poor Frankie Howerd impression in that play) and in Dad’s Army.

Mervyn Button

Dr Jim Bayliss in All My Sons

Although Mervyn’s last acting role for BLT was in Of Mice and Men, last season he did direct Good Things and in 2012 he returns to direct the Tim Firth play End of the Food Chain. Among many of his roles for BLT were: Sergius in Arms and the Man, Henry II in The Lion in Winter and Tom Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie. He has regularly played at Ilkley Playhouse (he reckons about 60 appearances!) and maintains his interest in musicals.

Anthony Calvert

Guardsman McHugh & Major Sparks in My Boy Jack

Anthony is another BLT member of long standing. He was Chairman from 2003-2004 and has been active both on stage and behind the scenes. His last appearances were in Tomb With a View, Wait until Dark and A Flea in her Ear. He has also appeared in a number of plays at Keighley Playhouse, such as Mr Wonderful and A Kick in the Baubles. Coincidentally he was Chairman of the Reading and Casting Committee in 1999 and as such was the person who inadvertently brought together Jonathan and Jacqueline Scott!

Jackie Campbell

Sandra in Lovers at Versailles

Jackie previously appeared on stage in Bingley last season when she took the role of Julia in A Month of Sundays. Since then she has sung with the Inspiration Choir in two concerts, and has just recently played Lady Helen Walsingham in Half a Sixpence with Guiseley Amateur Operatics. Although this is only her second appearance at Bingley, she has appeared at Ilkley Playhouse and been heavily involved with Guiseley Youth Theatre for many years.

Laura Campbell

Rosemary Mortimore in It Runs in the Family

Laura is a well-known face to BLT audiences, having appeared in many plays here. She was last seen in I’ll Be Back Before Midnight, where many will remember her dramatic demise, hanging from a rope. Before that she played Lettie in Something’s Afoot, this time “disappearing” inside a Chinese cabinet. She hopes to survive this play. Living in Harden, Laura is very pleased that Ireland Bridge has reopened.

Rhiannon Cawthorne

Thelma in Pack of Lies

Rhiannon is a new member at BLT, having made her debut in a walk-on part in Ladies Day. She is full of energy and enthusiasm. The ‘Buddy scheme’ set up to help new members feel welcome at BLT was Rhiannon’s brilliant idea. She recently took on the position of Front of House Manager with the Arts Centre. 2010 was a very busy year for this aspiring actress. In April, she played Nurse Wilson in A Month of Sundays, and in November, with only six days’ notice, she appeared as a social worker in the BLT Studio production Paul.

Howard Clements

Sargeant Towers in See How They Run

Howard is a popular actor who has played many roles for BLT and other societies around the district, his most recent being Barry in the opening play of last season Lust In The Dust followed by Kick in the Baubles at Keighley Playhouse. He is also making his debut in a supporting role with the props department for this play, which he is enjoying very much. We hope he will consider ‘wardrobes’ or ‘effects’ in a future production - training provided.

Paul Chewins

David in Lovers at Versailles
and Morton Mitchum in
The Good Companions

Paul is an experienced talented actor and director in plays and musicals with a long list of credits to his name, his last appearance with BLT was as David in Lovers at Versailles a part which required the “Oirish” accent, which he acquired brilliantly. Paul recently produced the cabaret performed by Bradford Catholic Players at the annual regional National Operatic and Dramatic Association (NODA) conference.

Sandra Chewins

Kate Keller in All My Sons

Sandra has previously played Beatrice to Julian’s Eddie Carbone in A View from the Bridge (2006) and in her last BLT appearance was Thelma in The FAHETG production of a Christmas Carol (2009). An experienced and much sought after local actress, Sandra has performed at the former Bradford Playhouse and worked with The Silverhammer, an experimental theatre company. She played Mephistopholes in Faust and Barbra Streisand in For Sale. She has also enjoyed several successful runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

John Cohen

Director for Lovers at Versailles

It was 1983 when he last directed here. That was Christmas Crackers. They must have really liked it! The truth is that I flit shamelessly between societies for the good parts. But now that age is catching up with me (“late forties” if anybody asks) I’m taking to directing; and I’ve just finished an excellent thriller (Inside Job) in Halifax.

Jan DarnBrough

Elizabeth Trant in
The Good Companions

Jan’s last appearance with BLT was in Lust in the Dust in September 2009 playing another Elizabeth! followed by directing Pride and Prejudice in March 2010. For the past year, Jan has concentrated her efforts on being the BLT Chairman. She was directed by Robin in We Happy Few playing Hetty Oak, the leader of another troupe of players.

Rob Edwards

Indigo Jollifant in
The Good Companions

This is Rob’s first appearance since he ‘played’ a mean saxophone in We Happy Few in October 2005, a play that was also directed by Robin. Since when he has regularly appeared in musicals in the local area including Curly in Oklahoma for Bingley AOS and more recently as Sky Masterson, Guys and Dolls, again for Bingley AOS and Billy in Carousel with Ilkley Amateurs.

David Elliott

Larry in Intent to Murder

David has played many parts since joining BLT in 2006 and his last role was as the U Boat Captain in Dad’s Army last June. He has had over 20 years experience in amateur theatre and was until recently Chairman of the Great Horton Theatre Group.

Frank Etchells

Intruder in see How They Run

Frank’s fi rst appearance on any formal stage was with BLT as the 1st Immigration Offi cer in View from the Bridge; prior to this his only other performing experience was as a DJ bearing the name of Zed Francis. He has played a variety of roles over the past 4 years and credits include Secretary to the Archbishop of Canterbury in Catherine Howard 2006, a policeman in Sweet William 2007, Hortensio in The Taming of the Shrew 2007, Boris in Tom, Dick and Harry 2008 and Boris in Underground.

Stuart Farrell

Sir Willoughby Drake in It Runs in the Family

Stuart has appeared in many productions here at BLT, most recently as Flint in Something’s Afoot. He also performs at Keighley Playhouse where, he says, he was last seen as a considerably over-aged Colonel in Journey’s End. He learns lines whilst taxiing passengers in and around Skipton.

Georgia Flavell

Elsie 'Bird' Kipling in My Boy Jack

Georgia was thrilled to be offered the part of Elsie, soon after auditioning for BLT. She is a student at Bradford Grammar School, where she is currently following an A level course in Theatre Studies. She was active in the Lower School Drama Group, and when she was too old to perform for them, she turned her hand to being in charge of costumes. She is in awe of William Shakespeare and loves watching the Royal Shakespeare Company’s plays, mouthing along with the script, although she says she gets annoyed when sections have been cut out!

Julian Freeman

Joe Keller in All My Sons

Julian is well known to BLT audiences. Playing the part of Joe Keller, this will be his third Arthur Miller play, and his second with Sandra Chewins as his wife. His last BLT appearance was in the role of Captain Mainwaring in the 2010 production of Dad’s Army. Julian will next be playing Mr White in Quentin Tarantino’s stage production of Reservoir Dogs at the Mind the Gap Theatre with the newly formed theatre company Tripwire. It has its UK première later this year at the Edinburgh Festival. Julian is an active member of Ilkley Playhouse and both Keighley and Yeadon Amateurs.

Liz Hall

Isobel in Lovers at Versailles

Liz will be remembered in a wide variety of strong roles which she has taken at Bingley. She was the solo performer in the Studio Production The Colour of Contradiction, and has since appeared in the title role in Amy’s View, and most memorably as Steph in Perfect Pitch. She has appeared in Beyond Reasonable Doubt at Westgate Drama Group in Baildon, and at Ilkley Playhouse in Jake’s Women, and most recently, as Helen of Troy in Trojan Women. She is a past winner of the Best Actress Award at the Wharfedale festival for her portrayal of Rita, in Educating Rita.

David Helliwell

Stewart in Pack of Lies

David is a past Chairman of Bingley AOS and for the last 2 years has been Publicity Manager for BLT. He has played a variety of roles for both BLT and Bingley Amateurs as well as appearing in cabaret at our annual Christmas party He last appeared as Stewart in A Pack of Lies in February of this year giving another memorable performance.

Louise Hodgson

Sue Bayliss in All My Sons

Louise’s first role for this theatre was as Ivy in the 2005 production of We Happy Few, followed by Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew; (her Grandfather Eric Bailey played Baptista in the original production). Louise has a wealth of previous experience in both musical and dramatic theatre with over 20 years’ involvement with Calverley Players and Westgate Drama Group, Baildon; favourite roles include Anna in The King and I and one in Steel Magnolias.

Graeme Holbrough

Bishop of Lax in
See How They Run

Fresh from his appearance as the vicar in Dad’s Army, Graeme has shaved off his beard and has been elevated to the role of the Bishop of Lax. This requires great acting skills and also demands a great deal of stamina – he has to run! In his efforts to ‘peak’ at the right time he has developed a training regime: not only has he moved his stool further away from the bar but has also increased his rounds of golf from one a week to two. Graeme continues to be an active member of BLT being both Business Co-ordinator and Treasurer and still finds time to do a bit back stage.

Joann Holbrough

Rita in Lovers at Versailles

Joann is a member of the Holbrough family who have been working tirelessly for the past thirteen years behind the scenes and on stage at BLT. She has done a variety of backstage work, frequently in the wardrobes department’ This season she was Wardrobe Mistress for It Runs In The Family and is part of the wardrobes team for this play. Over the past ten years, she has often been seen on stage, most recently with walk-on parts in Ladies’ Day and Underground and as Mrs Lake in Pride and Prejudice.

Phil Holbrough

Dr David Mortimore in It Runs in the Family

Phil needs no introduction to BLT audiences, having played many parts here, most recently Neville in Season’s Greetings and Oliver Costello in Spider’s Web, a part he says suited him perfectly as, after an early death, he could spend much of the play in the theatre bar! Phil works hard behind the scenes, being Chairman last year and has recently enjoyed playing more golf, having taken a short break from performing. His mother, Joann, is in charge of wardrobes for this play, and father Graeme is our theatre Treasurer.

Jacquie Howard

Director for Pack of Lies

I started my involvement with local theatre in 1963 when I joined Bradford Playhouse drama classes. I joined Bingley Little Theatre in 1970 and Ilkley Playhouse in the early ‘90s. I enjoy every aspect of theatre work and in addition to acting and directing I’ve worked backstage in almost every capacity including set design. I am fortunate enough to have had a variety of roles ranging from Juliet in my late teens to Shirley Valentine and 70 year old Rayma West. My last role for Bingley was Esme in Amy’s View.

Sonia Hoyle

Lydia Lubley for All My Sons

This is Sonia’s debut with BLT but she is not without acting experience, having played Gossamer Beynon in Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood with the Burley Millenium Theatre Group. She is a member of the Act up North Company which specialises in teaching students acting techniques for both TV and film. Sonia recently took part in two short films for the forty-eight hour film challenge in Bradford (2010)

Gerard Kennedy

Dr Hubert Bonney in It Runs in the Family

Phil needs no introduction to BLT audiences, having played many parts here, most recently Neville in Season’s Greetings and Oliver Costello in Spider’s Web, a part he says suited him perfectly as, after an early death, he could spend much of the play in the theatre bar! Phil works hard behind the scenes, being Chairman last year and has recently enjoyed playing more golf, having taken a short break from performing. His mother, Joann, is in charge of wardrobes for this play, and father Graeme is our theatre Treasurer.

David Kirk

Jerry Jerningham in The Good Companions

Since appearing as Jeremy Warrender in Spider’s Web for BLT, a play that had no song and no dance David appears to have renewed his association with musicals with a vengeance. He has directed Beauty and the Beast twice, once for Bradford Catholic Players at the Alhambra and once for Yeadon AOS. He is currently directing Fiddler on the Roof for Bradford Catholic Players.

Selina Johal

Chris In Intent to Murder

Selina made her BLT debut last season in Mindgame, also directed by Richard Thompson and this autumn appeared in the BLT Studio production Charity Begins. She is a teacher of Speech and drama at The Holy Family School in Keighley, enjoys both modern and ballroom dancing and has travelled extensively.

Philip Jordan

George Bates In Intent to Murder

Phil made his BLT debut in Dry Rot in 2003 and has since appeared in many productions including Pride and Prejudice, Underground and Dad’s Army last June.

Anthony Leach

Director for See How They Run

Anthony has been associated with BLT for more than 50 years, appearing in Our Town in Season 2 and first directing The Real Inspector Hound in 1975. He has appeared in Natural Causes, Kiss of Death and Five Blue Haired Ladies, and designed sets for Night of the Iguana, Catherine Howard, Mind Game, and Dad’s Army. In addition he has stage managed a number of plays including Ladies’ Day, is currently the Chairman of the Stage Committee and still finds time to become Captain Prunes for the ever popular monthly Quiz which he devised and has run for several years.

Tim Lobley

Lance Corporal Clive Winton in See How They Run

Tim is a versatile actor and has played a variety of roles with BLT and around the district over the years. He made a welcome return to pantomime after nearly 15 years’ absence playing Buttons in the BAOS production of Cinderella in March and then back to BLT to appear in Agatha Christie’s Spider’s Web as Inspector Lord. He has recently moved to Denholme where he has developed an interest in Karaoke and appears most Fridays at The Royal also in Denholme.

Neil Lloyd

Frank Lubley in All My Sons

Neil made his adult debut with BLT in May 2008 as Bernard in Death of a Salesman; his second role was as Pike in the 2010 production of Dad’s Army. However he did make appearances on stage 1972 – 75 (aged 12 – 15 years) as a member of Green Room and now returns to the stage having recently completed a spell of doing props for Lovers at Versailles.

Lynn Lord

Miss Skillon in See How They Run

Lynn is a newcomer to BLT having decided to join as she is now working in the locality. Prior to this she was a teacher in Calderdale “since around the time of the dinosaurs”…. Her quote. Lynn has had many years’ experience in amateur dramatics; acting, directing and doing back stage work, mostly for the Halifax Thespians. She has played many diverse roles, from Fat Sadie in Little Voice to Mrs Malaprop in The Rivals, but her favourite role so far is Pearl in Ladies’ Day.


Rebecca Main

Sally in Pack of Lies

This is Rebecca’s second role on the BLT stage, her debut being in 2010 when she played Ivy Samways in Dad’s Army. Prior to acting here she became involved back stage doing props, was ASM for Mindgame and worked on sound for both Pride and Prejudice and Spider’s Web

Kat Martin

Ida in See How They Run
and Susie Dean in
The Good Companions

Kat is waiting to take up a place at the Courtyard Theatre Training Company in London to study for a Diploma in Dramatic Art and is at present an Assistant Tutor with Kaleidoscope. Her BLT credits are as Felicity in the Farndale Avenue play and as Ida in See How They Run together with gaining a Wharfedale Festival Award for her performance as Lucy Lockett with Kaleidoscope in The Beggars Opera.

Robin Martin

Bob Jackson in Pack of Lies and
Director forThe Good Companions

For more than 30 years Robin has been involved with BLT both on stage and back stage as actor, director, artistic co-ordinator and as chairman. Having played several cameo roles in Good Things, more recently he appeared as Hugo Birch in Spider’s Web which was a much more substantial role. Having directed David Helliwell in A Month of Sundays, they are united on stage in this play. His wife Jill, and David’s wife Catherine, are part of the props team along with David Templeton’s wife Yvonne.

Stephen Mason

Rev Arthur Humphrey in See How They Run

Stephen has been more ‘on stage’ than ‘back stage’ during the last few months with parts in the last two plays of the 2009/2010 season and he appears to be drawn to roles of service and dedication. He played Elgin the butler in Spider’s Web and Mr Gordon the town clerk in Dad’s Army. He has been missed by his colleagues in the workshop but is always available if his "expert" advice is required. Special role of personal trainer to Graeme Holbrough during his intense training programme.

Alice Maynard

Young Elsie in My Boy Jack

Alice is a member of the Intermediate group of Kaleidoscope. Along with acting in Kaleidoscope productions (she played the part of Dr Watson in Sherlock Penguin during this summer) and with her school drama group at St Walburga's Primary School, she most recently took the part of Emily Dooley in a recreation of the opening of Roberts Park for this year's Saltaire Festival

Nikola Morrison

Ann Deever in All My Sons

This is Nikola’s first appearance on BLT’s main house stage, but previously took part in the Studio production of Plain Eyre playing two roles , Blanche Almond and Bertha Rottweiller. Her other theatrical interests have included singing with the Keighley based soul band Soulfish and with various bands in the London area, children’s puppetry for The Stripey House Theatre Company at Saltaire Art Trail and as the Angel Gabriel in Saltaire’s Walking Nativity last Christmas.

Deborah Mouat

Janet Preston in Intent to Murder

This is Deborah’s first BLT appearance since Present Laughter in June 2009 but she has recently appeared in two productions at the Keighley Playhouse.

Sophie Mullen

Julie Jackson in Pack of Lies

Sophie makes her BLT debut in this play; however, her interest in drama began at a very early age with Stage 84, and she has appeared in a number of small productions over the years with Stagecoach in the West End. She is currently studying for her LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) gold. The examinations take place later this year.

Debbie Neal

Mrs Bunting in Intent to Murder

Debbie has two hats in this production - acting in it and doing wardrobes. She appeared in Pride and Prejudice but has been mainly involved with our Kaleidoscope group, where she gained an award at the Wharfedale Festival for her costumes for The Beggars’ Opera.

Josh Packham

John 'Jack' Kipling in My Boy Jack

This is Josh’s first big part in a main house production and he admits to being very excited about it. He is a student at North Halifax Grammar School and has been a member of Kaleidoscope for four years, appearing in their recent production of The Beggar’s Opera as Lockit. His acting experience isn’t just confined to the stage – he was involved in a film, which was entered into the Bradford Youth Film Festival in 2009. He was also an extra in one of the Harry Potter films, although, modestly, he didn’t think that would be of interest!

Elizabeth Poynter

matron in It Runs in the Family

Elizabeth started at BLT as a member of the ‘Greenroom’ in the old theatre. She has appeared in the past in productions of A Tomb with a View and Night of the Iguana and, very recently, in the Studio production of Charity Begins. She is very pleased to be back performing in this play, taking the part of Matron.

Dylan Randall

Himself in See How They Run

Dylan is delighted to be offered a part in See How They Run. After 12 years sitting on the casting couch, at last his very obvious talent has been recognised, so he’s very excited about his 2 seconds of stardom. Sadly he was out of action a while ago when he was sentenced to two and a half weeks in kennels, having been convicted of biting a policeman’s leg. He maintains he was only ‘play-fi ghting’; some humans have no sense of humour! Dylan is dedicating his performance to his family to express his love and loyalty and make them really proud.

Paula Randall

Sister in It Runs in the Family

Since joining BLT last year, Paula has quickly become a popular, fully integrated member, working backstage on props and sound effects and acting both in the studio production of Charity Begins and in Dad’s Army on the main stage. Her introduction was dramatic; whilst doing props for her first play, Underground, she found herself having to perform when a cast member fell ill! She is also helping with props for this play.

Gilly Rogers

Director for It Runs in the Family & Anna in Lovers at Versailles

Hardly needing any introduction to BLT regulars, Gilly has a host of fine theatrical performances on both sides of the footlights behind her. Last season she played Marjorie in Good Things and directed I'll be Back Before Midnight here at BLT. In Dad’s Army she once more demonstrates that her versatility knows no bounds with her musical accompaniment to the antics of the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard.

Abbe Robinson

Director My Boy Jack

We are pleased to welcome back Abbe as she directs her second play with BLT; she directed Underground last season. She is a professional director, mainly working in film and TV and has now been commissioned as a writer / director in films. Although she often works locally, she will be shooting a film in Venice in Spring 2011. It could be said that Abbe has her theatrical roots at BLT, as she appeared here in her teens. Also, her grandma, Margaret Fearnley, now in her 90s, used to sell ice creams and programmes at the old BLT theatre, just after the war.

Lee Russell

Tony in Lovers at Versailles

We welcome Lee back to Bingley Little Theatre for his second appearance here, the fi rst being a year ago, as Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice (minus the wet shirt!). However, he has been involved in local amateur theatre since 2007, mainly at Ilkley Playhouse where he has taken a wide variety of roles, most recently as George in Same Time Next Year, the narrator in the The Flint Street Nativity, a cameo appearance as the king in A Man For All Seasons and as Sergius in Arms and the Man.

Jacqueline Scott

Carrie Kipling in My Boy Jack

Jacqueline has worked for BLT for several years, both behind the scenes and on stage. She has taken many leading roles her last two appearances being in Dead Funny and Season’s Greetings. Since then she has appeared at Baildon, in Falling off a Log, and Dead Guilty. She is joined on stage in this play by her husband, Jonathan. The last time they appeared on stage together was in 1999, during the play Straight and Narrow. That marked the beginning of their relationship, and the rest (as they say) is history!

Jonathan Scott

Guardsman Doyle, Col. Rory Pottle & Mr Frankland in My Boy Jack

Jonathan has been a well-known figure at BLT for many years. He is a past chairman of the society and this year is the Artistic Coordinator. He has appeared on stage many times; most recently in I’ll Be Back Before Midnight, as the strange George Willowby. He is also a Director, and has twice directed plays featuring his wife Jacqueline. BLT has real family connections for Jonathan. His parents were members in the early days, and their marriage was one of BLT’s first romances. Clearly it runs in the family.

Sam Shaw

Bert 1 in All My Sons

Sam is one of two members of Kaleidoscope who will be playing Bert. He performed with the Intermediate group in 2010’s Showcase play Cloud Nine. Sam’s interest in acting began at Hothfield Primary School at Silsden. Now a pupil at South Craven College he has been part of a Road Show performing at local primary schools, the aim being to help children on the verge of secondary education to feel confident about moving to this new level in their school lives.

Rachel Shimbles

Jane Tate in It Runs in the Family

We are pleased to welcome Rachel, who is taking her first part with BLT. She has recently returned to the stage and has just finished playing a 7 year-old angel with Yeadon AOS. She also took part in pantomime in 2009 and, as a teenager, was a member of Saltaire Youth Theatre. She says that was an unspecified number of years ago!

Mark Simister

Rev Lionel Toop in See How They Run

Mark’s first appearance at BLT was as George Pigden in Out of Order in February 2002. Six years later in September 2008 he played Tom Kerwood in Tom, Dick and Harry. We are glad he is back again with a slightly reduced time scale. In the meantime he has played many leading roles in musicals, comedies and straight plays, including most recently Mickey in Blood Brothers at Keighley Playhouse and Hysterium in Forum for Grove and Rawdon Theatre Company.

Gorgon Sugden

Mr Henderson in Intent to Murder

Gordon is a long established actor on the BLT stage, making his debut in The Workhouse Donkey in 1969 and appearing in A Month of Sundays last season with around fifty parts in between.
He was our Chairman in the 1989/90 season and for many years a greatly valued trustee.

Jonathan Tate

Chris Keller in All My Sons

Jonathan is a member of Bingley and Yeadon AOSs and has directed for Ilkley AOS. He has also directed numerous productions both nationally and internationally including a piece for the European Capital of Culture. Originally a member of the youth theatre group Stage 84 he now teaches drama there, and as co-founder of Tripwire is involved in its first exciting venture Reservoir Dogs Jonathan’s many roles locally include Mac Murphy in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Jud Fry in Oklahoma. Bingley AOS presented him with the 25 years’ service award .

David Templeton

Peter Kroger in Pack of Lies

In addition to acting, stage managing and directing David continues to be BLT’s ticket secretary, assisted by his wife Yvonne. David also has the important task of being one of BLT’s trustees. An experienced actor, David is much in demand throughout the area, having accepted roles at both the Keighley and Ilkley Playhouses as well as having a busy schedule at BLT. Last year he appeared in Underground and Mindgame. This season he was ASM for My Boy Jack and later this year he will ASM The Good Companions.

David Thomas

Bill in It Runs in the Family
and Joe Brundit in
The Good Companions

David is an experienced actor, having performed for many years at the former Bradford Playhouse and with Spring Grove Players, Calverley Players and Pudsey Trinity AODS. Regular audience members will remember him here as Thomas Cranmer in Catherine Howard and as the irascible Harvey in Season’s Greetings. He is currently Chairman of Calverley Players.

Richard Thompson

Director for Intent to Murder

Richard has been a member of BLT for over thirty years and has experience in most areas both on and off stage - he even started as a juvenile lead! His last production was Mindgame last season and he designed the very evocative lighting for My Boy Jack.

Kay Vann

Clara in Lovers at Versailles

Kay is a very active member of Ilkley Playhouse. As well as serving on the Casting Committee she regularly appears on stage. Her most recent appearances have been in The House of Bernada Alba, The Crucible, The Heiress, Lady of Letters (part of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads series) and We Happy Few. This will be the first time that she has appeared on stage at Bingley.

Jill Whitehouse

Helen Kroger in Pack of Lies

Jill’s debut performance with BLT was as Mrs Gray in Dad’s Army. She has however lots of experience with other amateur theatres: Keighley Playhouse in On Golden Pond and Make us Laugh, with Yeadon AODS Ladies Down Under and Billy Liar and High School Musical with Upstagers. Her most recent role was as Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls with Bingley AOS, a part which she loved. Both her daughters, Beth and Emily, are members of Kaleidoscope.

Peter Whitley

Jimmy Nunn in
The Good Companions

Peter’s last play with BLT was as Dick Kerwood in Tom, Dick and Harry in September 2008, since then he has been his usual busy self. He has appeared in the Leeds AOS production of The Producers, with Keighley Amateurs in Fiddler on the Roof plus many of their pantomimes. This March he played Mr Shanks in Habeas Corpus at the Keighley Playhouse.

Sandra Williams

DIRECTOR for All My Sons

Sandra first ‘trod the boards’ at BLT in 1974 in Peter Shaffer’s The Public Eye and The Private Ear. Her last appearance for BLT was as Grandma Kurnitz in Neil Simon’s Lost in Yonkers in 2004. More recently Sandra has been active as a director. Her BLT productions include Simon Grey’s Quartermaine’s Terms, Jim Cartwright’s The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, Martin McDonagh’s The Beauty Queen of Leenane and Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge and Death of a Salesman.

George Willoughby

Young John in My Boy Jack

George joined Kaleidoscope in September 2007. He has taken several Lamda exams, and was awarded a Merit in speaking Verse & Prose Grade 1 and also in Acting Grade 1. It is likely that he will be preparing for Grade 2 Acting in the coming year. Having played BILLY in A Day at the Beach and then, the following year, the KING in A Right Royal Mess, he was the determined TV journalist, IVOR HEADLINE, in Cloud 9 this summer.

Ian Wilkinson

Rudyard Kipling in My Boy Jack

Ian joined the Green Room in 1973 and first appeared on stage in 1974. Over the years, he has taken on a huge variety of roles in Bingley and Keighley. Most recently in Bingley, he has appeared in Bad Blood, Perfect Pitch and Underground. In one sense, Ian feels an affinity with Rudyard Kipling as they both have (or had) Masonic connections. However, he has had an additional challenge in preparing for this role: he has felt the need to lose weight, showing immense dedication to his art!

Katrina Wood

Penelope Toop in
See How They Run and
Elsie Longstaff in
The Good Companions

Katrina’s last appearance with BLT was as Penelope Toop in See How They Run in September 2010, and she has appeared previously with Peter Whitley as Marion in The Music Man for Keighley AOS. Other credits with BLT have been as Jan Sanderson in I’ll be Back Before Midnight May 2009 and as Fliss in Lust in the Dust, September 2009. She has appeared in leading roles in many plays, musicals and pantomimes with other local societies.

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