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Season 59 (2006/07) Cast Members

Below are photographs of all the players who appeared in our season 59 productions, together with a list of the roles they played.

Dean Ambridge

Thomas Culpeper in "Katherine Howard"
Wolfgang in "Night of the Iguana"
Ian Atkinson

Hank in "Night of the Iguana"
Vickie Band

Charlotte in "The Weekend"
Nathan Barker

Pancho in "Night of the Iguana"
Brenda Bell

Virginia Febble in "The Weekend"
Mike Bellenie

Vincent in "Natural Causes"
Peter Berry

Duff Gardner in "The Weekend"
Glenn Boldy

George Pye in "Humble Boy"
Alison Broadley

Title role in "Katherine Howard"
Mark Brown

Jake Latto in "Night of the Iguana"
Stephen Brown

Stephen Febble in "The Weekend"
Laura Campbell

Mimi in "'Allo 'Allo"
Paul Chewins

Henry VIII in "Katherine Howard"
Sandra Chewins

Maxine Falk in "Night of the Iguana"
Howard Clements

Crabtree in "'Allo 'Allo"
Patricia Clough

Mrs Finlay in "The Weekend"
Gabrielle Cross

Anne of Cleves in "Katherine Howard"
Jan Darnbrough

Lady Jane Rochford in "Katherine Howard"
Paul Dargan

Lieutenant Gruber in "'Allo 'Allo"
Freda Denbigh

Mercy Lott in "Humble Boy"
Frank Etchells

William in "Katherine Howard"
Ralph in "Sweet William"
Stuart Farrell

Colonel Von Strohm in "'Allo 'Allo"
Julian Freeman

Jack in "Sweet William"
John Foster

Simon in "Sweet William"
Bethany-Rose Garbett

Charlotte Goodall in "Night of the Iguana"
Paul Glover

Director - "Natural Causes"
Bruce Grainger

Leclerc in "'Allo 'Allo"
Rosemary Grainger

Director - "Katherine Howard"
Liz Hall

Hannah Jelkes in "Night of the Iguana"
Graeme Holbrough

Sir Thomas Wriothesley in "Katherine Howard", General Von Schmelling in "'Allo 'Allo", Herr Fahrenkopf in "Night of the Iguana"
Joann Holbrough

Frau Fahrenkopf in "Night of the Iguana"
Phil Holbrough

Rene in "'Allo 'Allo"
Director - "The Weekend"
Allan Hollings

Walter Bryce in "Natural Causes"
Hugh Bedales in "The Weekend"
Chloe Horsfield

Mrs Mary Hall in "Katherine Howard"
Julie Johnston

Bridget Gardner in "The Weekend"
Philip Jordan

Herr Otto Flick in "'Allo 'Allo"
Peter in "Sweet William"
Anthony Leach

Withers in "Natural Causes"
Tim Lobley

Duncan McFee in "Double Double"
Nicholas in "Sweet William"
Alison Main

Helga in "'Allo 'Allo"
James Margerrison

Matthew in "Sweet William"
Linda Marshall

Celia Bryce in "Natural Causes"
Robin Martin

Duke of Norfolk in "Katherine Howard"
Kevin Moore

Director - "'Allo 'Allo"
Anthony Morton

Mark in "Sweet William"
Deborah Mouat

Bella in "Sweet William"
Brad Moxon

Alan in "The Weekend"
Lorna Noble

Director - "Double Double"
Kath Payne

Hilda in "Night of the Iguana"
David Pedrick

Captain of the Guard in "Katherine Howard"
David Poole

Nonno in "Night of the Iguana"
Elizabeth Poynter

Miss Judith Fellowes in "Night of the Iguana"
Helen Procter

Angie in "Natural Causes"
Jenny Reavill

Kate in "Sweet William"
Tony Reavill

Thomas in "Sweet William"
Gilly Rogers

Accordionist in "'Allo 'Allo"
Nell in "Sweet William"
Jacqui Scott

Phillipa James in "Double Double"
Jonathan Scott

Director - "Sweet William"
Jadine Smith

Michelle in "'Allo 'Allo"
Carol Southby

Yvette in "'Allo 'Allo"
Peter Stansfield

Director - "Humble Boy"
Bruce Sturrock

Felix Humble in "Humble Boy"
David Templeton

Jim (the Gardener) in "Humble Boy"
Yvonne Templeton

Diana in "The Weekend"
David Thomas

Cranmer in "Katherine Howard"
Jan Thomas

Flora Humble in "Humble Boy"
Nadine Walker

Edith in "'Allo 'Allo"
Susan Ward

Rosie Pye in "Humble Boy"
Peter Whitley

Will (William Shakespeare) in "Sweet William"
Ian Wilkinson

Captain Bertorelli in "'Allo 'Allo"
Mac in "Sweet William"
Joe Wilkinson

Pedro in "Night of the Iguana"
Ian Wilson

Director - "Night of the Iguana"
Anna Yeadon

Jane in "Sweet William"

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