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Plays need sets ..... and that means willing bodies to paint, stick, hammer, fetch and carry.

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We have an extensive range of materials and tools and plenty of floor space. The constant call however is for people. Not expert painters/carpenters, just willing folk of all ages who enjoy talking and drinking with like-minded people… oh !.. and at the same time …build the scenery.

We currently have a small but ageing band of people who regularly attend the workshop.

Regularly meaning:

  • One day a week; every week.
  • Three days a week, but only for THE CURRENT play.
  • Will help put the set on/off stage.
  • Whatever suits you…but regular.

Starting with the Set Designer's model/plans…the workshop crew gradually build up the scenery, until it is ready to 'go on stage'. Then all hands set to on a Sunday morning to take the scenery from the workshop and put it together on the stage. This usually takes until noon when lunch is taken at a local hostelry. The finishing touches are carried out Monday to Wednesday evenings. Then by Thursday the Technicians are able to test their effects and lights and on Friday everything is ready for the first On-Stage dress rehearsal. At least that is the plan!

Unless there are any large bits of scenery to move during the play, the workshop crew rest on their laurels until the end of the last performance when its all hands again to take the scenery apart and re-store it to the workshop…leaving a clean stage for the next user……Busy! busy! busy!…..but all good fun.

If you enjoy working with your hands for a real sense of acheivement ...COME AND JOIN US!

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