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Yes scenery must be dressed but so must actors; almost every play needs something we haven’t got in stock. Why are people different sizes? The ladies of the Wardrobe department are quite content to remain as the backbone (should that be corset bone) of the department. What is required are people who will organise the Wardrobeing of a play….like set designers, each play ideally needs a different Wardrobe Mistress…to ease the load on others as well as to bring a different viewpoint to the play.

Agreeing with the Director/Set Designer, at the production meetings, as to what era/style/colour is required. Then it is the Wardrobe Mistress's task to ensure each actor is suitably dressed. May even bring his/her own clothing…nothing may fit, everything may fit but it must be alright on the night. Period clothing or special uniforms etc may have to be hired.

The task isn't finished when the play begins...or the last costume change has been successful…it finishes when the hired costumes have been sent back to the supplier...our own costumes have been dry-cleaned and returned to the wardrobe dept. etc.

If you feel you would enjoy being involved in this work...COME AND JOIN US!

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