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Scenery must be 'dressed', players hold or move things….props. Although we have an extensive Props dept., we need people to prop plays. What does that mean? Well to prop a play you need to read it… what the actors are going to hold/carry/break/sit on/lie on/throw etc., etc. And then you need to 'acquire it'. Is it the right age? Is it the right style? Do we hire…buy…rummage through car boot sales…charity shops….or wait a minute ..we might just have one in stock.

You must attend rehearsals to find out when/where/how the props are used. During the play everything must be on cue and to-hand…so you must rehearse as well as the actors. Eventually of course, you must put everything back ready for next time.

This is a very important (often overlooked) role, but if you are an organiser…a bit bossy… like rummaging ….then this is the job for you so come and join our happy, overworked little band.

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