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Backstage staff urgently required!!! We desperately need lighting designers and operators, Stage Managers and Assistant Stage Managers for the current season. If you have experience or would like to learn 'on the job', please get in touch using the form on our Membership Page.

It sounds simple; we put on a varied programme of eight plays each season.

But, of course, things are never as simple as they look. In addition to the acting and directing skills necessary for a successful production there are many other jobs that need doing; some of which are described in more detail on the adjoining pages. The result is a vibrant and enthusiastic community …. always short of help …. always welcoming new-comers …. capable of absorbing almost any skills from building a set, publishing a newsletter, making a costume, teaching young members …. to making a much needed cup of coffee or serving behind the bar.

Our SOCIAL COMMITTEE organises dances, parties, dinners and many special events. The BLT STUDIO presents short plays, play readings, poetry and themed evenings and work by visiting groups and performers. It provides a platform for young or inexperienced performers and directors and for people wishing to gain experience working backstage.

The PLAYING STROLLERS meet once a month for a day’s walking and socialising, usually with a pub involved somewhere along the line.

If you think you might enjoy the company of friendly, hard-working people, why not drop into the theatre any evening during the season and find out more about us. The place is always humming with activity and the bar opens about 9 pm. Just introduce yourself to the people behind the bar.....someone will be delighted to talk to you and show you around.

To contact the secretary for Bingley Little Theatre please use the Feedback form or email direct to

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