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Sometimes, Lighting & Effects are combined but more often than not they are separate functions.

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We have a brilliant 'lighting man' with a small band of dedicated 'techies', but we are always looking for more. Our aim is to have sufficient bodies so that we can bring a fresh team to each of the seasons' 8 plays.

Our Computer Control Board….which may soon be updated…..enables shows to have their lighting cues 'pre-set'..(still requires overviewing however because the shows are LIVE). We are constantly updating equipment so you would experience working with good gear. Don't be put off by this however, because as in other departments, our need is for willing, reliable people, who will attend production meetings…liaise with the Directors… position the lighting (accurately/safely), watch a rehearsal or two…..together with an experienced 'lighting man', until you feel you can go solo…have fun JOIN US.

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